First Communion Resources

First Communion Resources

If you are here, it probably means that someone in your life is preparing to receive the Eucharist in their First Holy Communion — Congratulations! What a wonderful and special occasion!

Although the most important thing about this occasion will happen at the Mass, it’s also a time that we often find ourselves busy with preparations for banners, parties, gifts, and many other things.  I believe this is truly a testament to what a special time this is!  I hope to make this time easier by providing resources to help you along the way.

First Communion Banner Patterns and Preparation Guide

First Communion Preparation and Printable Patterns eBook – Angie from Many Little Blessings and Rob from Art for Kids

First Communion Preparation and Printable Patterns eBook

Holy Communion and Reconciliation Worksheet and Activity Packet

Holy Communion and Reconciliation Worksheet and Activity Packet

First Communion Banners

Not all parishes require banners for those celebrating their First Communion, but many do.  You have lots of options for this project, whether you make it yourself or buy a kit to put together.

How to Make a First Communion Banner – This is a Step by Step Tutorial with Pictures and Lots of Ideas

55 Examples of Catholic First Communion Banners – A collection of 55 First Communion Banner examples from Spring 2012.

More Than 40 First Communion Banner Examples – This post has six long photos (which can be enlarged by clicking) that show a total of more than 40 First Communion Banners.  This is great for inspiration when deciding how to create one.

First Communion Banner Examples – Another post with pictures of actual First Communion banners to help inspire you.

Noah’s First Communion Banner – This is the very first First Communion Banner we made at our house.

Using a First Communion Banner Kit – If you don’t want to go with the total do-it-yourself route, check out how I used a kit that cost under $20 to make a great First Communion Banner (or even a family inspirational banner).

Banner Kits can be purchased, if you don’t feel confident about working from scratch.  A company that has become near and dear to my heart, Catholic Child, has many First Communion Banner Kit options for a very reasonable price: Lamb Design, Cross Design, Arch Design, Ten Commandments Design, Holy Spirit Design, and Adoration Design.  Catholic Child is also a great source for First Communion gifts!

There is a 32 page pamphlet available called Pointers for Parents: How to Make a First Communion Banner.  While I haven’t seen this pamphlet, it might be a good source for more information, if you still like you still need some help along the way.

First Communion Gift Ideas

First Communion Gift Guide 2012 – Featuring handmade gifts from Catholic small businesses

First Communion Gift Guide 2011 – A feature of ten wonderful, Catholic small businesses and the unique First Communion gifts they have available.

First Communion Party

Free Printable First Communion Cupcake Toppers

Sample Menu Ideas – My Big Fat Catholic First Communion Party and Our First Communion Party Menu (aka Way Too Much Food)

Homemade First Communion Themed Cakes – Fun ideas for skipping out on buying a store bought cake and making themed ones at home instead!

Lots of Recipes Can Be Found in My Recipe Index

Wine Cup-o Jell-O – A fun recipe to make from the fabulous site from my friend Lacy, Catholic Icing.

Easy First Communion Cookies – Catholic Icing

First Communion Cakes and Food Ideas – Catholic Icing

Cookies for First Communion – Bake at 350

Why I Think a First Communion Party is an Important Event to Hold

First Communion Crafts, Games, and Lessons

Holy Communion and Reconciliation Worksheets and Activity Packet – Many Little Blessings

Craft a Monstrance with a Gold DoilyCatholic Icing

The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist File Folder Game – The Catholic Toolbox

Catholic Coloring Pages (including First Communion) – Parents Duty

Holy Eucharist Lesson Plans – The Catholic Toolbox

Holy Eucharist Bingo – The Catholic Toolbox

First Communion Attire

Make Your Own First Communion Veil – CraftStylish

Make Your Own First Communion Veil – Chica and Jo

First Communion Veils, Dresses, Suits, and Accessories can be found in a variety of styles and prices on

Flower Hair Wreaths – We ordered our daughter’s floral hair wreath from Holly’s Wedding Flowers on Etsy and we were thrilled with it!  (Veils can even be added to the floral hair wreaths.)

First Communion Invitations

Free First Communion Invitation and Announcement Downloads (Many of these invitations or announcements can also be used for Baptism or Confirmation.) – Many Little Blessings

More Free First Communion Invitations and Announcement Downloads for 2013 (Some could also be used for Baptism or Confirmation.) – Many Little Blessings

How to Create Your Own First Communion Invitations – eHow

If you want to have cards printed, be sure to check out Tiny Prints for some beautiful First Communion options!

First Communion and Autism

You Mean I Get to Take Communion Every Week? – First Communion can be a time that can make many parents nervous, but it seems to be a special worry for parents of children with special needs.  I learned a lot about trusting in God the year that my son with Asperger’s Syndrome (a high functioning form of Autism) made his First Communion.

First Communion Preparation for Kids with Autism (and Other Special Needs) – A review of the Adaptive First Eucharist Preparation Kit available through Loyola Press.


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