10 April Activities for Catholic Families Printable

Even though I feel like the days are long, I realize that time must be zooming by because it seems like every time I turn around, it’s time to prepare the next month’s Activities for Catholic Families printable.  And, so, here we are again, but this time with the April version.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m excited for April not only for Easter and the other feast days and activities, but also for the possibility of some warmer weather.  This winter has really been dragging on!  Hopefully you’ll also be enjoying some better weather while you enjoy some of these activities.

As usual, some of these activities would also be appropriate for non-Catholic families as well either exactly as written or with some tweaks.

Also, please note that some of these feast days may not be celebrated in any given year due to Holy Week.  However, since I have been trying lately to make these monthly family activity printables in a way that they can be used in more than just one year, I purposefully left off any mention of Holy Week and included saints whose feast days occur during this year’s Holy Week time frame.  (If you want to do some Lent and Holy Week activities, be sure to check out the printable for that.)

10 April Activities for Catholic Families Printable

1. Plan a trip to a farm (or zoo).  In the Spring, new life abounds on the farm.  Arrange a trip to see some baby animals and talk about new life.

2. Be a Good Steward of the planet God created for us.  Explore ways to help the environment through your actions at home. Pick one project or lifestyle change to do as a family.

3. Do a drawing activity (with a video lesson) on how to draw a dragon in honor of St. George’s feast day (April 23).

4. Prayers for Those Receiving First Communion.  Your family may have a friend or relative receiving Jesus for the first time soon. Spend extra time praying for them, and maybe even let them know that you’re doing so!

5. Enjoy a special ice cream treat for Divine Mercy Sunday (Sunday after Easter). This fun sundae activity has always been one of my favorites.

6. Either give your kids some extra computer time or enjoy a no Internet day (you pick which would be best for your family). St. Isidore of Seville (April 4th) is the patron saint of the Internet.

7. Pick your favorite verses from the Gospel of St. Mark to share for his feast day (April 25).

8. Work either individually or as a family (if you have young children) on a word search with the names of some saints who have feast days in April.

9. Plant a backyard garden.  This is a perfect time to plan a summer garden or start cooler weather crops. Even a small garden can help children feel close to God through His Creation. If gardening really isn’t your thing, considering growing a small indoor plant.

10.  Bring back the Alleluia. During the season of Easter, put up a decorative Alleluia as a reminder throughout the seasons.  (This could be as simple as it written on a piece of paper or as elaborate as a large, wooden decorative letters.)

Terms of Use on This Printable: Actually, I won’t go through it all.  Why don’t you just go check out the terms of use on Catholic Printables Online.  Same terms of use apply here. (Please do not assume on the terms of use.  Before you use this printable for anything other than your personal family use, please go read the terms of use.)

10 April Activities for Catholic Families Printable

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