30 Fun Summer Ideas for Teens and their Parents

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30 Fun Summer Ideas for Teens and their Parents

It’s official. I am now the mom of a houseful of big kids. It takes more than a park day and a kids’ meal to entertain them. Don’t get me wrong  – I don’t feel that it’s my job to entertain them all summer long, but sometimes it’s just as fun for me to take the time to do something special with them as it is for them.

I’ve already told my youngest that I’ll take her and her cousin out for a few special cousin days during our summer break. So, I’ve been compiling a list of ideas. I decided to brainstorm some fun things I’d like to do with just my kids and some ideas that I probably won’t do, but that you might want to enjoy with your kids. If you share your ideas in the comments, we should all be able to find some ideas we can use to enjoy some special time with our big kids this summer.

30 Fun Summer Ideas for Teens and their Parents

1. Go to a jump park. Obviously this depends on availability, but it’s high on our list this summer since a brand-new jump park (indoor trampolines) has opened in our area.

2. Go roller skating.

3. Head to an indoor rock climbing center.

4. Go bowling.

5. Take a class. Art, cooking, pottery, archery, gun safety – what interests do you and your teen share that would be fun to explore together?

6. Start a family book club. Find a book that you’ll both (or all) enjoy and have your own family book club.

7. Go to the second run movie theater.

8. Go out for ice cream.

9. Make homemade ice cream.

10. Go camping.

11. Go swimming.

12. Take a hike.

13. Do a service project.

14. Go to an amusement park.

15. Start a family fitness routine.

16. Start a journal together. My youngest and I have a shared journal. Sometimes it’s easier for kids to say something in a journal than in person.

17. Go to the mall. This can be fun even if you don’t have much money for shopping. Try on silly hats and take photos on your phone or take and text photos of what you’d buy someone if you had the money. It’ll make them smile knowing that you’re thinking of them.

18. Go thrift store shopping.

19. Have a movie marathon. This is especially fun if you have a favorite movie series. Make popcorn and/or order pizza and watch them all in order.

20. Go out for breakfast.

21. Play laser tag.

22. Play Frisbee (or disc golf).

23. Head to the Go Kart track.

24. Play paint ball.

25. Have a video game marathon.

26. Go to a major or minor league baseball game.

27. Play badminton or volleyball in the back yard.

28. Have a water gun (or balloon) war. (You’re never too old for a water gun war.)

29. Ride bikes.

30. Host a sleepover. Okay, maybe this isn’t something you really want to do with them, but it might just get you cool mom points.

Okay, now it’s your turn! What would you add to the list of fun things to do with big kids (teens and tweens)?

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    Great list. So many fun things to do once kids get older. I would add learn a new recipe. My kids and I love to cook and I know that is something they would enjoy. If cooking isn’t your jam, then maybe learn a new craft, art technique, or sport. Whatever you and your kids enjoy. Awesome post!