10 Lent and Holy Week Activities for Catholic Families Printable

As I mentioned earlier this week when I posted the 10 March Activities for Catholic Families Printable, I decided this year to not add any Lenten activities to the monthly printables.  That way, they can be used again next year, whereas adding in Lenten activities can make the monthly printables a little less evergreen, since the dates change each year.

To make up for no Lenten activities on the monthly printables, I decided to make one printable that was specifically for Lent and Holy Week.  There is also one activity that’s for the day before Lent starts.

As with most of my activity printables for Catholic families, many of the activities will also be wonderful for non-Catholic Christians to do with their families as well.  I know that there are a lot of variations in the practices of Protestants, so some may find the printable more helpful than others.  I know that in my 30 years as a Protestant, a good majority of the activities on this printable would have worked for me.  Of course, that’s what happens when you go from being an Episcopalian to being a Catholic, I guess.

Here are the 10 activities that appear on the Lent and Holy Week (plus one pre-Lenten thing) Activities for Catholic Families Printable.  (You can grab the printable below.)

1. Have a pancake dinner the night before Ash Wednesday or make a King Cake. This day is known as Mardi Gras as well as Shrove Tuesday.  Pancakes were a traditional dish for this day to use up things that weren’t allowed during Lent.  Here is a recipe for a King cake.

2. Attend Mass on Ash Wednesday.  Wear your ashes out into the world as a witness of our faith.

3. Commit to reading the Bible (even if it’s a Children’s version) every day together as a family.

4. Attend Some of the Holy Week Masses and Activities at Your Parish.

5. Make at least one of your meatless Friday meal together as a family.  This can be a great testimonial for  younger children as you remember, together, one of the unique features of our Faith.

6. Use this printable Lenten calendar to track the season.

7. On Holy Thursday, do a foot washing with your family members.

8. Attend Stations of the Cross (especially one for children, if you have small children).

9. Make cards of encouragement to those in your parish’s RCIA program – After a lot of study and prayer, most of them will be received into the Church at the end Lent.

10. Choose a Lenten Sacrifice to Do As a Family.  Is there something your family can sacrifice that might help another family in need?  Consider donating what you might spend on a meal out to a food pantry instead.

Terms of Use on This Printable: Actually, I won’t go through it all.  Why don’t you just go check out the terms of use on Catholic Printables Online.  Same terms of use apply here. (Please do not assume on the terms of use.  Before you use this printable for anything other than your personal family use, please go read the terms of use.)

Lent and Holy Week Activities for Catholic Families

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