Episode 7: How to Make Menu Planning Easier with Themed NIghts

RLAH 007: How to Make Menu Planning Easier Using Themed Nights {Podcast}

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm kind of a menu planning flunkie.  I used to plan menus a month at a time.  Oh, those were the days.  But, those days are history.  I'm sometimes lucky if I can manage to plan just a week at a time.When I was really trying to get back to menu planning a month at a time, I had a lot … {Read More}

Spelling: What Works for Us

Spelling: What Works for Us as a Large Family

The following post is from Melissa of The Cork BoardWhen we first started homeschooling, spelling was not even on my radar. At the time, I had a fluent third grader who was a natural speller and a first grader who was just trying to figure out the basics of reading. I thought spelling would just complicate things.Once I … {Read More}

Bible Activities for Kids

7 Bible Activities for Kids

I'm one of those homeschool parents who loves to dig up resources that will help my kids in their faith walk.  Going through my bookshelves, activity bins, and … {Read More}