Many Little Links: September 20, 2009

Sorry for so many links this time around!  I tried to weed through some of the things I have saved over the last couple of weeks.  And, believe it or not, this is my weeded down list.
More Spinny Speller Fun — Let’s Explore
I have written about the Spinny Speller before, and we still love it.  I loved having these downloadable forms to put in Molly’s WorkBoxes to work with her Spinny Speller.
Counting Chips for Division — Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers
Love this very hands on approach to division!  We haven’t started division yet, but I am already not looking forward to it.  I will definitely be explaining it like this.
This post makes me believe that I could make egg rolls.  (Who knows if that’s true or not.)  And the second really makes me think I could thrill my family and make cinnamon rolls.  They also make my stomach growl.

Growing Your Children’s Passions in Your Homeschool — Heather from Heart of the Matter Online
I love how she is encouraging children in their natural interests.  Perhaps I can encourage my kids some more, though I do fear that there is not a huge market for Pokemon Trainers.
Homeschooling is Like Making Pancakes — Homeschool Creations
A great read for any homeschooling family, especially one that is searching for the one perfect way to homeschool.
Great read, especially for those who feel bad that they don’t really want to move off of Blogger.
22 Tools You Should Keep in Your Car — Mark and Angel Hack Life
I’m about 15 items short of this list.  Not so good, huh?
Not just one post to share from this blog.  My friend Stephanie posted about this, and I had to check it out.  I just love reading about all the awful library books out there.  What a hoot!
Great post about the idea of what a diet really is.  Also, I love the idea of thinking about what you can eat, not what you can’t eat.

How to Be Childlike — Zen Habits
If you read nothing else on this list, read this.  And then, take it to heart and try some of the tips.
How many times in life do we think that the solution to a problem is buying something?  Probably more than you think.  Go check it out.
Great things to think about in this post!  I really liked Joy’s point about knowing important cities in states that aren’t capitals as well.

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