Many Little Links: July 21, 2012

Get a Grip on Planning – The Homeschool Classroom
I totally needed to read this post by Mary from Homegrown Learners about not overdoing your homeschool planning.

Organize Arts and Craft Supplies for Free – The Small Notebook
We have one particularly crafty child, so this definitely caught my eye.  I know she’d love to carry things around, so these would be great!

Fun Ways to Improve Writing Skills – The Happy Housewife
This is one of my recent posts at The Happy Housewife.  I shared some fun ways to work on writing, especially with an eye toward us doing more of them next school year.

Simple Marriage Advice – Simple Mom
Wonderfully true advice.  A great read whether you are planning to get married or you’ve been married for years and years.

5 Things I Hate About Homeschooling (and How I Deal with Them) – Simple Homeschool
I found myself nodding quite a bit reading this.  I have been thinking for a while about how nice it would be to have a regular break once a week.