Many Little Links: February 20, 2010

Two fabulous and fun links that I think most kids would just love!

Drink More WaterOrganizing Your Way
Great tips for getting some more water in your day.
Under the MicroscopeCurriculum Choice
I enjoyed reading this review about a handheld microscope that is really reasonably priced!
 Play Make Up KitChasing Cheerios
I have got to make a set like this for Molly!  Too bad I don’t wear make up so I don’t have old compacts to use.  
Blogging Related DeductionsAsk the Taxgirl
Great resource for bloggers here at tax time!
Starting an emergency kit? Here is a very big list of what you might need.
Make Your Own Colored SugarCatholic Icing
Am I clueless that I didn’t know you could make your own colored sugars?


  1. Samantha @ Mama Notes says

    fun links, thanks! I love hearing what other people are reading. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. Appliejuice says

    Thanks for the links. We have used the microscope or one just like it. It is very handy to have for little ones. :)

  3. Mandi @ Organizing Your Way says

    Thanks so much for including me in your links, Angie!

    And I had NO idea about the colored sugar — love that!

  4. Jenny says

    Great links! Thanks for the link about the pretend make-up! I made some of those for Abby months ago and had them in the basement to air out. I totally forgot! LOL!