Many Little Links: February 12, 2011

Many Little Links

Burying the Big Yellow Bus – Simple Homeschool (written by Sarah from SmallWorld at Home)
Wonderful post about homeschooling from the perspective of a Mom who has been at it for quite some time.

Valentine Fairies – Let’s Explore
Okay, so this may be too close to Valentine’s Day to do these, but I bet you still can.  They were too cute not to share.

Weekly Checklist – Early Bird Homeschool
Loved the layout of this weekly homeschool schedule/checklist.

Homeschool PE Ideas – Homegrown Mom
Angela is such a smartie, and this post just goes to show what a smartie she is.  I love these PE ideas!  (These are great for non-homeschooled children too, so don’t let the title mislead you.)

Washing Stuffed Animals – Mama’s Laundry Talk
What parent hasn’t dealt with a stuffed animal that got something like chocolate milk, ketchup, or vomit on it?  I mean, really?   Please tell me it’s not just me.

How to Tell if You Have a Rotten Egg – The Happy Housewife
Fabulous and easy tip for checking if your eggs are still good!

Rice Krispie Treat Grotto for Our Lady of Lourdes – Catholic Icing
This could possibly be on my list of top 10 cutest things I’ve ever seen.  You know, if we’re not counting people.  Not only was it crazy cute, but it made me hungry too.

9 [Frugal] Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Simple Mom
Sure, you may already have your Valentine’s Day gifts figured out.  (Or maybe you don’t do them.  We don’t.)  But, this list is perfect for just about any holiday.  Or, you know, even on some Tuesday afternoon.  Whatever works for you.

Fun Ideas for Teaching a Foreign Language – The Homeschool Classroom (written by Angela from Homegrown Mom)
Can studying a language be fun?  Mais oui!  Thanks for the great ideas, Angela.

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