7 Quick Takes: April 13, 2012 (Vol. 118)

~ 1 ~

Eight months ago, I had a horrible, painful pain that lasted for about 20 minutes and then went away.  It was weird and awful.  I happened to be out of town and driving, so I had to pull over for my Mom to take over, while I promptly almost vomited and passed out in someone’s yard.  (I didn’t end up doing either – thankfully!)  As my Mom started driving me to a hospital, I started feeling better and all was good.  Weird.

Four weeks ago, while at a bed and breakfast with friends, it happened again (though it was not as severe).

Two weeks ago, it happened yet again, but the worst of all of them.  I was out of town and staying at my Grandpa’s house with several other family members.  I ended up crawling to my parents room in the middle of the night and laid in a fetal position at the door.  Like the other times, it went away after 15 – 20 minutes total (from onset).

Upon advice from two of my sisters and my aunt who have all had their gallbladders removed, I got into the doctor about it post haste (now that I had an idea of what it could be).

~ 2 ~

The doctor sent me for an ultrasound, which I had this week.  The ultrasound tech, of course, didn’t tell me anything, but I was sure that they would say all was fine.  (Although, all wouldn’t be fine, really.  Because the next step was more tests and possibly a stomach scope.)

But, alas – no stomach scope awaits me.  Instead, I got a call from the doctor’s office today saying that they are referring me to a surgeon to have my gallbladder removed based on the ultrasound results (gallstones!).

~ 3 ~

Sometimes, school can be very tiring…

Molly curled up on the couch to read, but fell asleep instead.

~ 4 ~

That quilt was made by my Mom.  It’s my very favorite blanket.  I have had it since Christmas of 1985.  (I know this, because she embroidered teh date on one square of it, in the bottom corner.)

I was so pleased with the roses in the middle that I wouldn’t let any of my friends sit on my bed on the area with the roses (as well as my name embroidered on it).

~ 5 ~

After a whole year of telling my co-op art students that we would be like Jackson Pollock and throw paint outside as a project, we finally did it this week!  I was actually surprised that the kids were so interested to hear about Pollock (briefly) and his method.

Of course, they were even more thrilled to each get to make two paint throwing paintings.

I must admit, I grumble before going to co-op each time, but I really do enjoy it while I’m there.

~ 6 ~

The only problem with those paintings?  I watered down the paint to help with the throwing (and to help since I was running low on the washable paint), which meant that the paint was thinner and took longer to dry.

The problem in that is that they weren’t dry by the time our co-op was done, so I had to take 12 wet paintings home with me!

Luckily, we got a new van last weekend. (Notice how I casually say that?  It’s because I like it, but the expense stresses me out some, and I’m trying to relax about it.)  It’s a Toyota Sienna, and it meant that I could do the funky thing with the back seats to basically fold them down into the truck area and have room for all the paintings.

~ 7 ~

I’m thinking that the new van will be nice for car trips, especially with the increased storage space.  (And all those cup holders!)

Do you know what is not quite as fun?  A 12+ hour car trip (that’s round trip though, mind you) where you’re an adult yet you sit in the back of your parents vehicle.  That situation leaves you taking pictures of yourself like this to text message to your husband…

Look how thrilled I look (or, maybe not).

Other than feeling sick the morning of the trip and then having the gallbladder attack that night, it was actually a nice trip.  (Molly and I rode with my parents because Eric and Noah stayed home with a sick Jack.)

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Angie Kauffman
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  1. Lea says

    Oh, I thought my husband would absolutely die before he had his gallbladder removed. You’ll be a new woman! Blessings!

  2. says

    WooHoo about the van. I like the Sienna. I’d also like to have one, but don’t want the car payment.

    Yikes about your gallbladder. It sounded like the same pain my sister had and after all of the tests last week, her gallbladder is fine. She has H. Pylori.

  3. says

    Hahaha! You look like I feel when I ride in a car while my mother is driving. Only, I might look slightly more terrified. 😉

  4. says

    Gallbladder removal is actually pretty easy surgery. It’s not pleasant when you come out of anesthesia but you recover in the space of a week and generally, you don’t have to stay in the hospital overnight. I had it almost 7 years ago and I was back to walking 2-3 miles a day within 3-4 days though my doctor and surgical nurse chewed me out when they saw me. doing it. :)

  5. says

    Oh how I remember gallbladder attacks. The first one I had was in the middle of the night, Christmas Eve, in 2003. In worse pain than unmedicated childbirth, my husband called for an ambulance, but by the time I arrived at the hospital I felt fine and the ultrasound showed absolutely nothing. wrong.

    The attacks came back several times until I did a lemon juice/olive oil flush. That night was not pleasant either, but it worked. So, there are ways to keep your gall bladder if you really want to. Either way, I sympathize with your pain!