Using a Kit to Make Your First Communion Banner

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I’ve been a do-it-yourself kind of gal in the area of making First Communion Banners.  We just used the banner provided to us by our church and then decorated it ourselves with felt, puffy paints, and Tacky Glue.  (Our banners look very similar though, I have to admit.  First Communion banner from 2008 and First Communion banner from 2009.)

This year, although we are not celebrating a First Communion in our house, I was provided (at no cost to me) with two First Communion Banner Kits from Catholic Child Catalog.  They wanted me to try my hand at putting one of them together, and then they sent another one so that I could give it away.

(Keep reading, even if you also don’t have a First Communion in your house this year.  I put a spin on the one that I put together so that these kits aren’t only great for First Communion banners, they are also great as a wonderful and inspirational craft project!  You might just want to win one of these after all!)

Catholic Child Catalog carries a great variety of First Communion Banner Kits!  With the kits costing under $20, it is definitely a reasonable investment to save yourself from the time and money of putting together the supplies yourself, especially if you’re not naturally inclined in that area.

I received two kits of the Ten Commandments Design Banner Kit.  Here’s the front of the box:

First Communion Banner Kit Box

And check out all those supplies inside (I was actually pretty shocked at everything that was included):

First Communion Banner Kit Box (Inside)

I also liked that there were several pages of written instructions.  Not only does it help those who are a bit craft-challenged, but it gives ideas for multiple ways that you can put your banner together.  My favorite part of the instruction sheets, however, is that it is set up for a parent to do this with their child.  There are things for the parent to read to the child throughout the banner making process.  Even something as simple as putting on six tabs at the top becomes a reminder to your child about the six days of creation before a day of rest.  Both Eric and I were really impressed by those notes.

Inside of First Communion Banner Kit

There are many times throughout this project that you will be leaving things to dry.  So, while I think (in theory) this could be completed the day before it was due, that just might be pushing it.  Leave yourself a little time so that neither you or your child gets frustrated while putting these together.  It is supposed to be an enjoyable family time, not a “Hurry up, Susie, or you’re going to your room” kind of thing.  (With that being said, why not just go order a First Communion banner kit right now?)

My point in telling you this is not only to let you know that you will spend a little time on this project, but also so you understand why some of my pictures look different.  I actually did this project over a several day period.  Doing a step, letting it dry, and then coming back to it later.  I really enjoyed doing it like that, and you probably will too.  (Trust me.)

Here’s where I give you another tip — I was impressed with everything in the box, but as I started putting it together I thought, “I’m not going to like this.”  I don’t know why.  I just thought that.  (Want to know a secret?  I really love the finished product, and I can’t believe that I thought I wasn’t going to like it.  I’m thrilled with it!)

Chalice from First Communion Banner Kit

While I’m not going to give a step by step on this banner kit, I’m going to give you some previews of it.  The first thing I did was make the chalice.  I liked that they sent two shapes of different colors.  Then it was up to me as to how I wanted to decorate it, with them giving a suggestion.  I used pinking sheers to mix it up a bit.  (This is code for: All I could find were my pinking sheers.)

First Communion Banner Kit (almost done)

I was getting pretty close to being done here, but not quite.  I had to wait for everything to dry (that’s why the grapes all look a little funny).  After they dried, I would be able to use glitter glue to jazz it up.  I had already used glitter glue to decorate the Ten Commandments tablet.  Pretty cool, huh?  (The kit included a template so that I was easily able to make it with a more layered effect around the edges.)

First Communion Banner Kit Chalice

The kids loved the jewels that came to decorate the chalice.  (I did too!)

After I jazzed the leaves and grapes up with glitter (which made a huge difference), I was left with a big open spot.  This was the spot to put in someone’s name.  But, then my deliemma was that I loved the banner, but didn’t have a use for it if I put a name on it.  I realized that I could put a twist on this and have it be something we could hang in our house all of the time.

I went out in search for something else to write in my open space.  I also went out in search of the hanging ribbon that came in the kit.  I don’t know where it went, as it went missing somewhere on my kitchen counter and was never to be found again.  (My fault, not the kit’s fault.)

Finally, I was able to finish up this First Communion Banner Kit, but with my own special twist to make it a great family banner:

Completed First Communion Banner from a Kit

I’m afraid that this last picture just might not do it justice.  I love it.  I love it enough that I might just have to buy another First Communion Banner Kit sometime, but use it was a family banner again.  I even thought it might be great for homeschooling families (such as ours) to decorate with their homeschool name!

I really had a good time with this project, and I think you might too!

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Need more First Communion ideas and resources, including a downloadable ebook with First Communion Preparation and Printable First Communion Banner Patterns?  Be sure to check out my First Communion Resources page!

Disclosure: I received two free kits from Catholic Child Catalog for this post.  One was for me to keep and use, while the other was to be given away.  Catholic Child Catalog is also helping to sponsor my trip to Savvy Blogging Summit this year.  All opinions are my own, however, and I was not advised how or what to post in any way.

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  1. says

    We do have a child making his First Communion this year! I’m helping with the class to make bread and clay chalices this year. I love the banners on the website!!! My favorite was the CELEBRATORY BANNER CRAFT KIT- ARCH STYLE one!!!
    I’ve been reading your blog off and on since I had searched for first communion ideas last fall for our class!!! So you are in my google reader!

  2. Lisa says

    Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. We will be making a banner for my son very soon.

  3. Gina G. says

    I also just started subscribing via email…I found out about your blog from Catholic Icing!

  4. Gina G. says

    I’d not heard of the Catholic Child Catalog before…I’ll definitely bookmark it! I would love to buy the wooden nativity!

  5. Sara says

    What a great product!! I’m a convert to Catholicism, so many of these crafts of totally new to me, but what a great idea! The kit is appealing to me, too, as a convert. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  6. Linda says

    Here I am leaving a comment :-)
    I’m very happy to have found your blog – I’ll be coming by a lot!

  7. Linda says

    If I could purchase anything from the Catholic Child site it would be the Prayerful Pillowcase of Our Lady of Guadelupe. My son has Asperger’s Syndrome and is plagued with nightmares – nightly and this ‘visual’ may help ease his mind a little.

    • Angie says

      Oh, Linda — that is such a nice thought. I wonder if something like that could help him. My oldest also has Asperger’s.

  8. Christie says

    I found you through Catholic Icing. I am thankful I found her and you. Thanks for the give away.

  9. Christie says

    It’s me again. I would purchase items for kids on the rosary. I want to teach my young girls and say some books that would do just that. Thanks

  10. Sara says

    I have three kids, 5, 3, and 1, so I’ll pick something for each of them. I would love to have Catholetics Playing cards for my 5 year old. My 3 year old love to dress up as a knight or a prince, so the Full Armor of God would be perfect! The older two have multi-colored wood rosaries, so I get one of those for the baby. And, if money was unlimited, I would get a Wee Believes set.

  11. Brandy Jones says

    I am becoming Catholic on Easter-and my oldest 2 are to get their First Communion in the next few weeks. We are very excited! I love the way this looks-and have not yet perused the banner site…but am going to right after I finish posting! I’m thinking I’ll order 1 (in case I win) and go back for a 2nd one if I don’t….that way each child will have their own. A plug for Catholic Icing-because I never would have found my little blessings without that blog. Thanks, and God Bless! (ps-cannot wait to subscribe to this blog!!)

    • Angie says

      Congratulations, and welcome Home! :) We were received into the church four years ago, and they have been a wonderful four years. It’s funny – they have actually included two of the most stressful years of our lives, but it has been a comfort to have our faith and our Church family.

  12. Brandy Jones says

    2nd post-I know….but I wanted to add after seeing the site-there are quite a few excellent choices and I expected the prices to be much higher. Thanks again!

  13. says

    We have one son who is supposed to receive First Communion this spring. I’m not sure if he’d use this banner kit OR if we’d make a family one for our school room. Either way, it looks great!

  14. Ann says

    I would buy a sterling silver cross at Catholic Child for my daughter’s first communion. I also liked the personalized holy cards!

  15. Ann says

    And now I subscribed to your email! Looking forward to them and hoping to win the banner too!

  16. Debbie says

    Thank you for posting this. We have a first communion this year and this banner looks great.

  17. says

    Dear Angie & family,

    We are DELIGHTED to hear that you enjoyed making one of our First Communion Banner kits, AND we absolutely ***LOVE*** how you changed it into a “Family Banner” project!!! But most of all, we are truly pleased to hear how much you enjoyed all the little “extras” we work so hard to put into all our products — the extra sacramental instcructions, the extra pieces, the high-quality components, the creativity suggestions. :)

    Just so your readers know — we have many, MANY different banner kits designs available (not all of them at Catholic Child), so if you don’t find what you are looking for there, feel free to browse our website as well. We are a small, family-run business, and it brings us a great deal of pleasure to know that our hard work is helping other families share our Faith with their children! Faith-filled FUN is our motto! 😀

    Humbly and sincerely yours in Christ,
    ~Frances Butek
    Illuminated Ink

    • Angie says

      Thanks so much for stopping by, Frances. And, thanks again for posting a link on your Facebook page. :) I really enjoyed the kit. Really nicely put together, especially for under $20.

  18. Shawnee says

    We have made “home made” 1st Communion banners from scratch and it wasn’t particularly fun for me, but the girls enjoyed the project. Especially when we had to go to a friends house to figure out how to sew the banner .

    Thanks for sharing this idea so that the next two 1st Communions will be less stressful.

  19. Shawnee says

    If I could buy anything from the Catholic Child’s Catalo
    I would buy a Mary w/ baby Jesus doll or St.Joan of Arc doll or the young people story of Pope Benedict XVI or the Mary and Grotto crafts.

  20. melanie says

    I would love to win this banner for our son’s FHC. Money is tight due to unemployment. This would be great! Looks like an awesome banner.

  21. melanie says

    If I could purchase anything on the Catholic Child website, I’d buy some cool Saint DVD’s over there. :)

  22. says

    I would love to win one of these – I do have a little one making First Communion next year, but it would be fun to do as a family project now.


  23. says

    Your banner looks great! My daughter is receiving her first communion on April 30. Although they don’t use banners in our church, I know she would enjoy making a banner to decorate our dining room, for the brunch we will have afterwards.

    I love the Catholic Child website! If I could afford it, I would get her one of those beautiful saints dolls for her first communion or one of their bracelets with a chalice as a communion gift.

    Thank you for offering this giveaway! (I am a subscriber).

  24. says

    You really convinced me that this would be a fun project to make just for our home – I love the look of your finished banner! We are a few years from First Communion, but I’m entering anyway. :) You are very persuasive. 😉

    • Angie says

      LOL — it was like very nicely being called an enabler. 😉 I think that you guys would have a great time with one of these kits. (You’re so crafty!)

  25. Carmela Edwards says

    My neice is making her 1st Holy Communion this May and I think this would be a great present for her..From the Catholic Child’s catalog..I would love to get my kids new rosaries..And I am subscribing now..

  26. Sherie Dover says

    I found your blog when I was reading Catholic Icing. I am so glad I found it. I have a child celebrating First Communion this year. I love all the ideas.

  27. Sherie Dover says

    I think I will buy my daughter the Italian Charm Bracelet. I love the beautiful colors.

  28. says

    I’m not Catholic, so I don’t understand all of the imagery, but I think this is a fabulous idea. I have Bible verses and quotes that I have been hanging up all over the place, and this would be perfect. :)

    Thank you for linking up on Sunday. I hope we’ll see you again this week.

  29. Jen Freeman says

    I lvoe your pinking shears work (I myself am often stuck with some wiggly scissors for no apparent reason while crafting…LOL!)