First Communion Preparation and Printable Patterns eBook

First Communion Preparation and Printable Patterns eBook
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Have you ever had a project that you have wanted to work on for a long time?  This project is the fruition of a project like that for me (it’s been three years in the making).  I’m so excited to finally be able to share with you all – this downloadable 48 page eBook to help with preparations for a Catholic First Holy Communion!

Not only is this eBook filled with ideas and reflections for preparation for First Communion, but there is also a step by step guide on how to make a First Communion banner, as well as lots of other resources.  But, my very favorite part of the eBook is the 24 pages of patterns for First Communion banners (which can also be used as color pages).

Contents of the First Holy Communion Preparation and Printables eBook:

  • Prayers to Learn for First Communion (and First Reconciliation)
  • Why is it Important to Receive Communion?  (A reflection for parents and children)
  • 30 Family Activities to Do While Preparing for First Communion (this is a four page section of the book, so it’s not just a listing of sentence fragments)
  • How to Make a First Communion Banner*
  • Examples of First Communion Banners*
  • First Communion Resources*
  • 24 pages of printable First Communion banner patterns

*The How to and Examples have been previously published on this blog, and you can still find them via the First Communion Resources page.  The Resources section in the book is the current First Communion Resources page on the blog, but with many new additions that I’m excited to have added.

I can’t wait for our youngest to make First Communion next year because I am so excited about both the 30 Family Activities to Do While Preparing for First Communion section, as well as the banner patterns section!  I know that the latter will make our banner so much easier to do, and the former is going to make the experience much richer for her than I think I had to offer to our other children.

All of this for just $5.50! (Price for family use. There is other pricing for parish or group use, which you can find farther down on this page.)

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Read about the Current Holy Communion eBook Bundle Deal!

First Communion Banner Printable Patterns

If you wondered why I have waited three years to put this eBook together, it’s because of the banner patterns section.  You see, while I do sell my art, I’m not a particularly gifted drawer.  I tried to talk my husband into doing the patterns for the eBook, but it just never came together.

Earlier in 2012, I realized that I knew just the guy who could help me put this project together — my friend Rob Jensen, who you can also find at his site of the same name as well as his new site, Art for Kids.

Rob is a wonderful guy and an amazing artist.  I first met Rob in middle school, and even all the way back then, I thought he was the best artist that I knew.  Though we lost touch for many years, we have been able to reconnect because of Facebook, and I’ve felt so blessed to be able to be friends again.  One of the wonderful blessings that have come out of it (which I hope will bless many people) is this eBook!

Rob has filled the latter part of the eBook with some amazing patterns that are perfect for use with First Communion banners.  Some are simple shapes, and some more complex.  (I had to remind him at first that people were going to be cutting these things out of materials like felt and foam, so they couldn’t be so detailed that it would make people crazy.)

The First Communion banner patterns section includes each shape in at least two sizes.  Shapes included:

  • Dove (a couple of different types)
  • Chalice
  • Cross (two different types)
  • Grapes (a bunch of grapes and then single grapes)
  • Heart
  • 10 Commandments
  • Star (a fancy one, like the Star of Bethlehem)
  • Host
  • Wheat
  • Bible
  • Candles
  • Stained Glass Window (this is the only one that has only one size)
  • Chi Rho symbol
  • Monstrance
  • Rainbow
  • Sun
  • Church
  • Angel
  • Fish
  • Flower
  • Alpha & Omega

In fact, the illustrations on the front of the eBook cover (the doves and stained glass window) are both from patterns in the book!

Here are two sample pages (these are just for examples, and not meant to be printed, as they are not full sized and are not as crisp as the originals.  Site name has been added to pages just on the samples here.):

Chi Rho printable pattern page for First Communion Banners

Grapes printable pattern page for First Communion Banners

We are very excited to offer this eBook as a download for just $5.50!

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Please note that this price is for a personal, immediate family use only (parish/group pricing farther down this page).  It cannot be redistributed in any way (not even to friends or other family).  Both Rob and I have put a lot of work into this project, so illegally redistributing it is stealing.  (And that’s just not nice!)

Parish and Group Pricing for the First Communion Preparation and Printables eBook (eBook plus One Time Licensing Fee)

Important Note: If you are interested in being able to distribute copies to a class of children, a parish, or in some other way, please choose the appropriate group size (average per year) to purchase the eBook and a license to distribute it as print copies or via email to people in your group/parish.  After you purchase this eBook once with the group licensing, you can continue to use it with your group in future years.


License for Group/Parish Use Pricing:

  • Average Group Use: 12 or Fewer Children per Academic Year – $15.00
  • Average Group Use: 13 – 25 Children per Academic Year – $25.00
  • Average Group Use: 26 – 50 Children per Academic Year – $40.00
  • Average Group Use: 51+ Children per Academic Year – $60.00

Choose your average group size from the drop down list and then proceed to check out:

Group Size:

Need more First Communion ideas and resources?  Be sure to check out my First Communion Resources page!

Angie Kauffman
Angie, a domestically challenged nerd and mom of three very fun kids, is the founder of Real Life at Home.  Angie also listens to music every chance she gets, writes eBookspodcastsloves Pinterestdocuments the little moments in life on Instagram, and occasionally sleeps.


  1. Cristene says

    I am so glad I found this amazing resource! Thank you so much for creating and making it available.

  2. Kerry says

    The printables were so helpful in creating my son’s first communion banner! I’ll have to file them away in a safe place for when my girls are ready to make theirs in a few years! My son wanted to use several different images (chalice, host, complex cross, stained glass window, grapes, wheat) and we were able to put them all on his 12×18 banner using the smaller sizes. I did most of the cutting and layout after he was in bed and waited to sew/glue until I had his approval and he was over the moon excited about how it turned out. I’m not much of an artist and I couldn’t have done it without the eBook. Thank you so much! Well worth the price!

    • says

      Monica –

      It’s an instant download. If you didn’t download it right after buying it, you should also receive an email with a link to download it. Let me know if you have any issues.



  3. Terry Abeln says

    What an amazing and creative resource! I have a question about the eBook and license to distribute to members of our parish First Communion group. Is this a one time only fee or does it have to be renewed each year?
    Thanks so much for sharing your talents & insights!

    • says

      Terry –

      Thanks so much for checking! You just pick the pricing that is whatever your average group size is, and then you just pay the fee once (at the time of purchase) to keep using it each year. The eBooks would either need to be given to people in the group via email or as printed copies (or just for use by the catechists), not hosted on a church site where just anyone could download it.

      Hope this helps, but if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! :)

    • says

      Terry –

      I just saw that you already purchased a personal copy today. So, just to be clear – that is for use within one family only. If you need it for a group, you should purchase one with the group license information. Thanks so much!

  4. Nurturing Mama says

    How about selling a printed version of this on etsy? Some of us aren’t big on printing at home and would love to open our mailbox with resources waiting :) a printed version wouldn’t need the banner templates then.

    Thanks for considering!!! :)

    • says

      That’s a great suggestion. It would be more expensive, of course, but I could probably put it up in my Etsy shop, in case people were interested. I have one copy printed and done with comb binding from when I took it somewhere in case people wanted to order it. It looks very nice like that, and you’re right – some people would rather pay more for a copy already printed for them.

      The printed version would still have the banner templates though. I think they’re a very important part of the book and wouldn’t skip them.

  5. Mary says

    In the pictures of the banners there is one with Jesus and a child, is this pattern in the ebook too?

    • says

      Those were just banners at a local parish, not specifically made with patterns from the ebook (which was why I didn’t post them in conjunction with the post about the book). That Jesus and child one was impressive, wasn’t it? I thought that one was fabulous. But, no, not from the patterns in the ebook. Thanks for asking!

  6. Diane says

    I noticed that when I put it in my cart that it asked for a discount code. Where might I get one? thanks much! triplets making their first communion and I am hoping this will be helpful with out banners!

    • says

      That box is standard with the shopping cart system I use. While I do have discount codes available very rarely, there aren’t any around right now. Congratulations on the First Communion x 3!