Easy, Beautiful, and Tasty Ice Ring for The Punch Bowl

One of my favorite recipes for an easy punch for parties is super simple. Just one can of pineapple juice (the size you would buy in the juice aisle) to one two liter bottle of either raspberry or strawberry soda. (I just buy the generic store brand.)

Because I typically don’t have a lot of refrigerator room when we are having a party, I can’t keep all of the juice and soda for the punch in there. So, this could mean for the need to throw ice in the punch bowl. Of course, not only is that not so pretty, but then the ice melts and waters down the punch.

Before one party, however, I had a brainstorm. I filled a pretty bundt pan half way with equal parts of the pineapple juice and soda that I was going to use for the punch. Then, I also put in sliced strawberries (and sometimes orange slices). Then, just pop this into the freezer (preferrably over night, or at least until frozen solid).

I love that not only is this pretty, but when it melts, it doesn’t water down the punch. (Plus, some lucky party guests end up with some fruit slices in their punch — one of my favorite parts!)

Easy, Beautiful, and Tasty Ice Ring for The Punch Bowl
Recipe type: Drinks
  • Strawberry or Raspberry Soda
  • Pineapple Juice
  • Fresh Strawberries (optional)
  • Fresh Oranges (optional)
Make the Ice Ring
  1. Fill a bundt pan or other decorative pan with equal parts strawberry/raspberry flavored soda and pineapple juice.
  2. Put sliced strawberries and/or orange slices into mixture.
  3. Freeze until party time!
Make Your Punch
  1. Place frozen "ice" ring in a punch bowl.
  2. Put together equal parts of strawberry/raspberry flavored soda and pineapple juice into the punch bowl with the ice ring.
  3. Enjoy your icy cold punch!


Do you have a favorite punch recipe?

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Angie Kauffman
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  1. Stacie Kishiyama says

    Thank you for sharing these great ideas! First, we looked at your blog for 1st Communion Banner ideas and now we are looking at as we NEED an ice ring to go along with the celebratory 1st Communion cake & punch for a multi family 1st Eucharist party this weekend!

  2. says

    I’ve been looking all over for a mold to make an ice ring and I can’t find one. Thanks for the genius idea of using a bundt cake pan!!!


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