Rosary Cupcakes (and a First Communion Link Up)

The idea of making a Rosary shape out of cupcakes is certainly not a new one.  However, after seeing this set up at Molly’s Day of Reflection before First Communion, I just had to share this set up that made some pretty impressive uses of two chocolate molds.

rosary cupcakes

Here’s  close up of the white chocolate molded centerpiece:

rosary cupcake centerpiece

And the cross cake with a chocolate molded piece on top of it:

rosary cupcakes cross

The kids loved seeing the setup, and loved eating the cupcakes even more!  (They were pretty darn delicious cupcakes.)

Now, I do have to admit that I don’t personally know what I would think about breaking up either of those chocolate molds to give them to people to eat, but they are a beautiful addition to the set up.  Since the cupcakes alone were enough for the group, we were able to return the centerpiece and entire cake to the Mom that provided the dessert, which meant I didn’t need to worry about that.

First Communion Promenade

Today is the last day of the First Communion Promenade, a blog series that I did last week with four other bloggers.  If you haven’t checked out all of the posts yet, here they are:

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First Communion Link Up

Have you written about First Communion on your blog?  If you have, please feel free to link up on this linky and then it will automagically show up all of the blogs that are hosting the link up, even though you have only added it to one of the blogs.  Pretty keen, huh?