Mother’s Day Gifts Kids Can Make

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Mothers Day Gifts Kids Can Make

I sifted through a bunch of kid crafts to find ones I’d actually like to receive. Despite what you commonly find online or in kindergarten classrooms across the country, there is no law requiring that kid-created Mother’s Day gifts be created from toilet paper rolls or pasta. Yes, they’re cute, and yes, it’s the thought that counts. But kids will love taking it up a notch to create really great useful and/or keepsake gifts for mom.

The projects I’ve listed are totally reasonable for kids to make themselves. For younger kids, some projects will require the help of an adult or older sibling, but older kids can do them all on their own.

Psst! These make great gifts for grandmothers, too!

1 – decoupage flower pots

Oh, the possibilities. I’m a bit garden obsessed this time of year and always want plants and such for Mother’s Day. But this is fabulous because kids can make this cute flower pot and even plant a cute little plant in as a bonus.

2 – salt dough pendant

They look like silver but they’re made of salt dough! I’ve seen these made with a fingerprint in there, too. Either way, they’re adorable and unique.

3 – handprint cork board

Organization plus personalization: what’s not to love? (Then again, I’m an organization geek.)

4 – handprint apron

This cute apron would be nice for baking, but an idea I like even better would be using one of those half-aprons made of durable fabric like canvas so Mom can use it in the garden!

5 – watercolor canvas

For an artistic gift, kids can paint a pretty watercolor canvas for Mom! Depending on skill level and age, they may need a little help with the Sharpie drawing before painting.

6 – recipe card holder

Another practical gift. Mom can use this to hold recipes in the kitchen, bills on her desk, or a photo on her nightstand.

7 – apple print tote bag

So cute. I love this. Of course kids could do handprints instead of apple prints.

8 – embroidered handprints

Another handprint gift. There seems to be a theme here — but those hands won’t always be that size! Anyway, this example was made by an adult, but it would be so easy for a child to do, and even more special as a keepsake.

9 – yarn wrapped bottles

Somehow yarn and a little modge podge manages to transform an ordinary glass into something like you’d buy from etsy. Great for the dandelions and clovers my kids always seem to bring me from the yard.

10 – origami heart bookmark

Show Mom you love her with an origami heart bookmark. Or a sweet origami butterfly; my 6-year-old loves to make these.

11 – love knit dishcloth

If kids can do basic knitting like the girls in my house, they can make this sweet dishcloth for Mom.

What kid-made gift would you love to receive this year for Mother’s Day?

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