More Than 40 First Communion Banner Examples

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This will officially be my last First Communion posting of this season (well, as far as I know!). I had been meaning to post some more examples of First Communion banners, just as a way to help those that are looking for some inspiration.

If you have found my blog because of First Communion banners, be sure to check out my how to make a First Communion Banner post, as well as my last examples of First Communion banners posting (though this one has many, many more banners shown).

On a little side note, if a child’s last name was on their banner, I have put a black or white stripe over it. So, if you notice those in the pictures, that’s why they are there.

If you have made a First Communion banner lately and you posted about it on your blog, feel free to link to it in the comment section!

First Communion Banner Examples:

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  1. […] Yes, the thought of putting together a First Communion banner is enough to strike extreme fear in even the craft-loving Mama, let alone the craft-impaired one. So, though I don’t pretend to be an expert, I will share some tips from my banner making, especially because we are very excited to have finished and turned in Jack’s banner this week! (If you want, you can read about when we made a banner with our oldest son, as well as to go see examples of banners from our parish’s First Communion Mass last year and this year’s with over 40 examples of First Communion Banners.) […]