Ideas for Homemade First Communion Cakes

Store bought cakes can get expensive and sometimes can lack the personality that a homemade cake can have.  Plus, it’s even more rewarding when people compliment the cake because you can just say, “Thank you!” rather than, “Yeah, the store did a great job on it.”  First Communion cakes are no exception to this.  There are so many options for making a cute, homemade First Communion cake, even if you feel like you’re challenged in the decorating arena.

If you’re a regular reader here at Many Little Blessings, you may remember that last year, I shared a chalice cake, two host cakes, and a set of cupcakes made to look like a bunch of grapes.

First Communion cupcakes

This year, I wanted to share the cakes that a friend made for her daughter this year, as well as some other great resources for homemade First Communion cakes.

The Very Cool Risen Jesus at the Tomb First Communion Cake

tomb First Communion cake

Isn’t this a beautiful and creative cake?  I saw it when she shared a picture on Facebook and knew that I wanted to be able to share it as well.  Shannon was gracious enough to allow me to do so.  (Thanks, Shannon!)

By the way – do you see the “pan” that the cake is on?  That’s a silpat from DeMarle at Home, and they are one of my most used kitchen items.  Love them!

I realize that if you are decorating challenged, this may seem like a big undertaking, but I think you’ll be surprised to see what the cake looked like before it was decorated and you might decide it is considerably more doable:

tomb First Communion cake unfrosted

All of the pans that Shannon used are from DeMarle at Home.  However, you could use a variety of pans that you have in your own home to make a similar set up.  Shannon shared with me that she wish she had used food coloring in all of the smaller pieces, like she did with the mini loaf  at the top of the pile, as she would have been able to use less icing in her decorating.  The whole set up was made with three boxes of cake mix.

Shannon found her cake decoration of Jesus and the First Communion girl on Ebay.

Shannon’s Host and Chalice Cakes

If the tomb cake just seems too daunting (and you want a twist on what I shared last year), you could always consider something more along the lines of Shannon’s other cake that she shared a picture of with me:

Chalice and Hosts Cake

She just used some leftover cake from the tomb cake to make her chalice and then (I believe) a cupcake and then mini cupcakes in white as “hosts.”  Of course, the fun thing about this is that, other than the chalice portion, no cutting or serving is needed for people at the party.

Great Supplies for Homemade First Communion Cakes

(Several of those are affiliate links, which helps to keep us in school books – thanks!)

Other Ideas for Homemade First Communion Cakes

There are so many amazing and doable First Communion cake ideas online.  Some are not specifically for First Communion, but they are just ones that I felt would make a great addition to a First Communion party.

If you need more First Communion Resources, check out my resource page just for First Communion topics!

You might also want to check out my First Communion eBook Bundle:


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  1. says

    Those cakes look awesome but super complicated! I’m not much of a baker though. I seriously need to get married so I can get all the cookware I need!

    You know my mom still has my first communion picture hanging up in her office even I think ha

    • says

      While the tomb cake it a bit more complicated, it’s not really as complicated as it looks.

      But, putting that one aside, some of them are pretty down right easy – just arranging regular cupcakes in a special way or putting M&M decorations on a cake. There are definitely very doable options for all skill levels, even if you only have a simple cake pan (like a 13×9 pan). I suspect you actually would do just fine making most of them. :)