10 Things I Love about Fall

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Fall is definitely my favorite time of year.  And, while it’s still summer right now, fall isn’t far away.  There is just something cooling and crunchy and cozy about fall that I look forward as each summer starts to wind down.

Some of My Favorite Things about Fall

1. Molly’s birthday.  I’ve always loved fall, but this was a new addition to my reasons to love fall about eight years ago.  I was given a choice to have her in September or October, and opted for October just because I liked the sound of it even better.  (Yeah, I’m kind of nutty like that.)

2. The colors.  Not just the colors in the trees, but the general colors everywhere.  I love those Earthy tones that start showing up in decorations, home decor, clothing, and more.  Of course, my favorite colors are on the trees though (especially the maple tree in my backyard).

3. Apple picking.  The orchard that we’ve gone to the last few years to pick apples (which we all agreed was great fun and the kids much preferred to strawberry picking) did not do well this year.  So, there will be no apple picking for us this year.  But, we normally really love it.

4. Crunchy leaves.  I know it should be depressing to see all the leaves falling and drying out, but it’s not, is it?  There is a joy that comes from walking through a path of crunching leaves.

5. Bulky sweaters and lots of cardigans.  I love cardigans.  And there is something even cozier about wrapping up in a bulky cardigan sweater.

6. Thanksgiving.  This is one of the holidays that we always manage to get together with relatives for.  Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.

7. Camping.  This year will be our second year in a row going camping in the fall.  Last year, we went to a state park with cabin rentals and we just loved it.  (The cabins are very rustic, and don’t include air conditioning or heating, other than a wood burning stove.)  We had such a nice time last year that we started talking about doing it again before we had even left the state park.  I’m hoping that we’re able to make it an annual fall tradition.

8. Bringing out favorite clothes.  By the time the cooler weather comes around, it’s exciting to pull out clothes from the closet that haven’t been worn for months and months.  Plus, I have a favorite pair of jeans that I’m always excited to have out again.

9. The food.  Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin.  Oh, and other foods too, of course.  Fall foods make me think of comfort foods.  (The other day, I made these delicious pumpkin donuts with my new donut pan.  Oh yeah – they were good.)

10. Crisp, cool nights.  I love those crisp, cool nights in the fall with a big, bright moon or when their is no cloud cover and the whole sky looks like a dome filled with twinkling lights.  Even better is to have Eric and the kids stargazing with me.  It’s always a reminder of the beauty of this universe that God created and how very little we are in that universe.  It’s both overwhelming and awe inspiring all in the same moment.

What are your favorite parts of fall?

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  1. Jenn@BulldogsandBrownSugar says

    I love apple picking and sweaters also. But my favorite part of fall is… pumpkin mania!!! It annoys my husband to no end, but I love putting pumpkin in all kinds of recipes! enjoy your fall!

  2. says

    Linking for the first time here – thanks for hosting this!

    I love fall and my October birthday too. Though I miss the longer days of sunshine, the thing I love about the lengthening darkness is having more time to read to my children in the evenings. During the warmer summer months we let them play outside until bedtime so reading takes a back burner.

    • says

      I agree – I do miss all the sunshine. I don’t particularly like summer, but I notice that my mood improves with all the sunshine. I have a light to use during the darker months.

  3. says

    Oh how I LOVE LOVE LOVE all those things about fall! I have always wanted to go camping in the fall – summer is just to hot! I want to be snuggled next to the campfire not dripping in sweat just to roast a marshmallow :) I cant wait for the leaves to start changing! AND the other day I made my new favorite fall recipe. Carmel Apple Cheesecake Bars. So yummy!

    • says

      We really enjoyed fall camping. You should give it a try. Of course, we didn’t go tent camping, so that could make it a little chillier. We were in a cabin with a wood burning stove for heat. It was so cozy and we just stared at the fire. LOL You can tell we don’t have a fireplace at our house, huh?

    • says

      Oh! I got some scarves for the first time last winter and haven’t really worn them much. I’ll have to remember to do it this fall/winter. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  4. says

    My top ten list last week was about fall! I think after this long, hot summer we’re all ready for fall to come. I love your #10 – I wrote about the crisp, cool days, but the nights are awesome too! Thanks for hosting.

  5. Newbolds says

    I love fall too! Crunching leaves, pumpkins, and cardigans are great reasons to love fall. Miss you guys!

  6. says

    I absolutely love Fall too! After our hot, humid summers, those first few truly cool, breezy days are such a blessing. Fall colors and comfort foods are also such a nice bonus of Fall.

  7. says

    I love all these things! The sweaters and cool nights are fantastic, but my all time favorite thing about fall is having the windows open and airing out the house on a regular basis. I don’t care if I have a sweater on… it’s just nice to have the fresh air after a hot summer of AC. ~ Stephanie

  8. says

    I love your list! I too love fall. LOVE. My son’s bday is in November so our lists would almost be identical. Except for camping – I’ll just change that one to CampFIRES (after which I get to go back into my home and sleep in my bed.) =p

  9. says

    No fall here yet, but it did rain so maybe fall will be around the corner. I love all the fall decorating! I am making myself wait another two weeks then the pumpkins will come out!