Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

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 Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

I love decorating for Valentine’s Day.  We have a great time when we pull out the craft supplies and the heart cookie cutters.   Easy and fun are the key words when it comes to our projects.  Hanging homemade decorations in our windows helps spread the “love” to our neighbors, too.

Here are a few craft and decoration ideas for you to join in the fun and spread a little “love” around:

Tissue Paper Heart Sun Catchers 

31 Valentine Crafts for you and your kids  A great round-up of a wide variety of crafts and decorations.

20  Valentine Crafts  Crafts for kids from babies/toddlers to school age.

Epsom Salt Luminary

feb 2012 058

Paper Heart Garland   Cute and easy!

Super Easy Valentine’s Paper Rose Cutout

Andy Warhol Inspired Valentine:

  • Divide white paper into 4 even sections.
  • Trace a heart in the middle of each rectangle.
  • Paint heart and square two complimentary colors.
  • Let dry.
  • Then using acrylic paint, dip side of each hand and print heart in each rectangle.

feb 2012 056

Tinfoil Mosaics

tinfoil art

Wire Hearts

Cookie Cutter Heart Art This is a great craft for preschoolers!

cookie cutter art

Glue Sun Catchers

“I Love You” Necklace:

  • Trace your child’s hand.
  • Cut out and glue the two middle fingers over a ribbon or string measured to fit your child’s neck.
  • The finished hand will be the sign language sign for “I Love You!”

I love you necklace

Heart Garland Make this cute garland to hang in your windows out of all those old magazines you’ve got lying around!

Heart Wreath

Love Rocks:

  • Cut hearts out of scrap fabric
  • Use mod podge onto rocks for a cute table decoration.

love rocks

Collection of Valentine’s Day Crafts and Decorations

Crayon Hearts

Valentine’s Day Tree

Do you have any favorite Valentine’s Day crafts and decorations?  Feel free to share them with me in the comments!

Happy Valentine’s Day

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