Trips We’ve Taken Since We’ve Been Married

Family vacations weren’t part of my experience as a kid.  I remember taking camping trips, a trip to the World’s Fair in Knoxville in 1982, a one week long trip to Florida when I was in fifth grade and a trip here or there to see family in Minnesota.  Otherwise, I don’t really remember doing much of that kind of thing.  Eric had a similar experience, except he has even less trips to add to his list.

Eric and I took a few trips while we were married but before we had the kids.  Then, we had a long lull in our trips.  We might take an overnight to somewhere within an hour or so, but that was about it.  Finally, once we had all three kids and didn’t have babies or toddlers anymore, we started doing a bit of traveling again.  Yippee!

Since I shared a couple of years ago about the ten places I would most want to visit that I haven’t gone to before, I thought I would share now about some of the places I’ve actually taking trips to.

Oh, and I would also love to live vicariously, and I hope that you share in the comments with some of the trips that you’ve taken too.


Our honeymoon was our one trip outside the United States.  Eric and I never could have afforded this on our own, but it was (thankfully) a wedding present from my grandparents.  Sure, we had one night when we got really lost, but it was an amazing experience.

A kiss at Disney WorldDisney World

Our first time there was my second trip to Disney World and Eric’s first.  (I had only gone for one day before, however, and just to the Magic Kingdom.)  That trip was also our last without at least one child.  Fast forward many years, and we took our kids there on vacation two years in a row.  (Here are all kind of things I learned from our trips.)

St. Louis

This was one of the first trips we took with all three kids.  We were hosted by one of my fabulous friends and her family, and got to see things like the Arch, the St. Louis Zoo, The Magic House (a super fun children’s museum), and the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis.

Destin, Florida

In what sounds kind of crazy, I can’t even remember how many times we’ve made this trip with the kids.  I think we’ve done it three times, but it may even be four times.  All of these trips were during the winter so we could enjoy some warmth when it was too cold here.

Trips to See Family

These trips aren’t the same as the others, as they were pretty much with the express purpose of seeing family.  These types of trips have taken us to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

Trips to Conferences

These ones are different too, since I actually took them without my family and pretty much didn’t see anything other than conference kind of stuff.  However, since at least one of them is the farthest west I’ve ever been, they had to make the list.  Conferences that I’ve attended have taken me to Nashville, Breckenridge (CO), Colorado Springs,  Washington DC, Atlanta, and Cincinnati.

So – what about you?  Where have you been with your family?

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    Wow London on your honeymoon. My husband and I have been on LOTS of trips. I wrote all about them last year in the April A to Z Challenge. And then we took the boys to Colorado to the cabin every other year. Those weren’t my favorite trips but they sure were favorites of my sons! Thanksi for hosting