Things That Made My Day Exciting Today

Excitement isn’t always fun, though it sometimes can certainly be.  I would say, without a doubt - today was kept exciting by lots of small and large occurrences throughout the day…

1. I am glad that I took a nap yesterday because I slept for approximately three hours last night.  Oddly enough, when the alarm went off at 4:40 am and Eric nudged me, groggily and said, “You have twenty minutes before you need to get up,” I cheerily answered, “Okay!”  Then, when the alarm went off at 5 am, I jumped out of bed.

2. Molly (age 7) and I left the house at 5:30 am.  She was shocked that it was morning but still so dark outside.  As we got closer to the hospital, she mused about whether the hospital would be open when we got there.

3. I had my first experience of having a child having surgery.  Though Noah did just have five teeth out only three weeks ago, it wasn’t the same experience as heading to the hospital for oral surgery complete with the whole hospital experience.

4. Not only did the oral surgeon remove Molly’s extra baby tooth (that was still inside the gums and upside down), but there was also a cyst.  Yikes!  And, as a bonus – one of her baby teeth fell out while they were working.

5. We got lots of emails, calls, texts, and Facebook messages from friends and family with encouraging words and prayer, as well as to check on Molly.  It is in moments like that where I sometimes get overwhelmed at what beautiful people we have in our lives.

6. While I was busy at the hospital with Molly, Eric was home with the boys and did their school lessons with them.  Don’t get me wrong — I love homeschooling.  But, if someone else does lessons for the day, well, I won’t cry about it.

7. I got to take an afternoon nap.  Hey — it’s the little excitements in life, right?

8. Eric and the boys went to pick up the pieces that the kids and I made last week at a paint your own pottery place.  Everyone was thrilled to see their finished products.  Noah painted a dragon (and got tired of painting since it involves three coats of paint, so did it all in one solid color), Jack painted a box, Molly painted a fairy riding a unicorn, and I painted a plate that I decided to make Tangled themed.

9. While watching Jeopardy (while Molly snoozed away on the couch), the final Jeopardy category was “French Painters.”  I declared to Eric, “I’m going to answer Monet, no matter what the question is.”  I was prepared to be very wrong and for us to laugh about it, but then the “answer” was about what painter said all he was good for was painting and gardening.  I then had to say, “Dang it!  It is Monet, isn’t it?”

10. Oh yeah, and then there’s this little carnival that I’ve been participating in for a couple of years now.  Maybe you’ve heard of it — Top Ten {Tuesday} founded by and hosted by Amanda from  Yes, of course you have (and I’m being silly calling it “little,” of course.  It’s only my very favorite carnival).  I even wrote a guest Top Ten {Tuesday} at her site for her this summer.

A few weeks ago, she asked me if I would be willing to take over hosting Top Ten {Tuesday}.  While Amanda is sharing at her blog today what my very first reaction was, I will tell you that my next reaction was to almost start crying.  I was just so taken back that Amanda would trust me with her baby like that.

So, next week, we’ll be hosting Top Ten {Tuesday} at both Oh Amanda and here at Many Little Blessings.  Then, the first Tuesday in March, it will just be here.

Here is the new button that I put together for it:

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
And a small version too:

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

I put coding for grabbing either of these in the lower sidebar.  (I’ll move it up farther once I’m officially hosting.)

I’m very excited for this next phase of Top Ten {Tuesday}’s life, although it makes me feel sad that it means it won’t be at Oh Amanda anymore.  Amanda is amazing, isn’t she?  I appreciate the faith that she has in me!  Thanks, Amanda!

(While I know that my list today is a little on the random side, you’ll have to forgive me.  It’s not every day you have to watch your baby get wheeled away on a hospital bed!  It makes for a nutty day.)

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  1. says

    I am so glad Molly’s surgery went well. Yikes about the cyst. Does the tooth fairy come for teeth that are extracted or fall out during surgery? LOL!

    Congrats on hosting Top 10 Tuesday. I have not participated in that one yet. I look forward to seeing the posts!

    • says

      Yes, we promised that the tooth fairy would pay out. Eric said the tooth fairy should pay extra when a doctor has to go dig it out. LOL We didn’t have any cash on hand though, and she was tired anyway. Think we need to pay up tomorrow (though we still owe money to Noah for all his teeth that came out).

  2. says

    I can so relate with the whole surgery experience. It’s very surreal going through the process, even down to the little things like the drive to the hospital in the early morning hours while it’s still dark. Hope Molly is resting up and doing well (and you too).

    Assuming the privilege of taking over Top 10 Tuesday is very exciting. You’ll do great carrying on the great thing Amanda started and grew. Looking forward to many Tuesday link ups here.


    • says

      Yeah, the whole surgery thing was pretty weird. The recovery has definitely been harder. But, even that is going well enough. :)

  3. says

    Hi :) Popping over from Amanda’s blog to say congrats and that I’ll see you next week :) I’m so glad that you are continuing the Top Ten link up – it’s one of my favs :)

    • says

      Hey – it was my pleasure, babe. Well, not so much a pleasure as a “there’s no way I wouldn’t have done it, even if you said you really wanted to take her to the hospital.” Sorry – but you married me, you know how I roll. ;)

  4. says

    This will make your boring normal days seem a bit sweeter. Glad to hear the surgery went well. I had to do the same thing with my son only he had to have it done on his 5th birthday.

    Congratulations on taking over the top 10 list!!

    • says

      Oh wow! Surgery on a birthday? That stinks!

      I once had to have allergy testing on Christmas Eve (lots of shots!), as well as a dentist appointment on my birthday where one of my sisters proceeded to drive too fast, we slid on ice, and then drove off the road and crashed into a hill in someone’s yard. Not fun!

  5. says

    So glad the surgery went well and that the tooth fairy will be paying a visit soon! We love those kiddo’s of yours to pieces!
    Also, since I kind of knew all ready, I am so excited to be posting my TTT over here soon! Congrats to ya sista!
    Much love to all!

  6. says

    You have been busy!! Congrats on the carnival; I will post either as BigBinder or the UnProcessed Kitchen and I’m looking forward to coming to visit you! I subscribe to your blog, but I am lazy and never click over to comment. Sorry…

    • says

      Thanks so much, Jen, for the congratulations! I’m really excited about it.

      And, I understand the not clicking. I have lots of blogs that I read that I fail to comment on. I try to share love with them by sharing them in my Many Little Links and on Facebook and Pinterest. But, I know I should still comment too. So, I make myself do it every so often. :)

  7. says

    I have been following your blog and Amanda’s for a few months and I was happy for you to read her announcement about the Top Ten Tuesday! Congrats, and I’ll be linking up!