The Weekend Where I Did Much More Than Writing

This weekend, I had planned to do some writing amongst my other planned activities.  After all, we would be at a cabin in the woods and I would have down time with my thoughts and my handy iPad/keyboard combo.

It ended up, however, that I didn’t really have much time to write.  Instead…

1. We rented paddle boats for an hour.  (And had to say more than once, “My legs are on fire” from all the peddling.)

2. Jack, Molly, and I went to a program where they got to make pine cone bird feeders.

3. We took a 2 mile hike on a trail marked as easy, and also got a lot of practice with map reading skills.  (Too many trails were overlapping.)

4. We decided that the hour long paddle boat hadn’t been enough work on our legs (or had the 2 mile hike the day before), because we went on another trail and a half for a total of 2.3 miles, but this time trails listed as moderate.

(Moderate is apparently the code word for “expect to an awful lot of inclines and declines – you might also feel the need to declare that your legs are on fire.”)

5. We went butterfly watching in what used to be an open field last year at this time, but thanks to a group of people (including us last year) that spread milkweed seeds, it was now a stop over for butterflies migrating.

6. I mercilessly pushed the two younger kids on a tire swing as they screamed and laughed all at the same time.

7. We skipped out on s’mores and tried s’mores waffle cones instead, with filling options like milk chocolate chips, marshmallows, butterscotch chips, white chocolate chips, walnuts, and caramel bits.

8. We just silently sat and enjoyed watching the roar of a fire in the wood burning stove.

9. We worked on gathering the caps of acorns that had been discarded by the animals so Molly could use them as berets for her Littlest Pet Shop toys.

10. I counted my blessings throughout the weekend over and over.  Our life is far from perfect, but we have each other and that is far better anything else I could hope for.


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Angie Kauffman
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    • says

      Paddle boats are definitely fun. It would be great exercise if a person could use them often.

      Maybe I’ll have to post about the s’mores cones. I have some lessons learned. 😉 I’ll do it this week.

  1. leane says

    Easy to see that it would have been a real waste to spend your time in those surroundings, and surrounded by family, writing. And besides, you got to write about THAT. acorn berets is my fav part :)