The Vacation I Won't Take Again

Last year, we took what could be seen as a dream vacation to many people.  Can you imagine a whole month looking at a scene like this:

Well, you know, except for the entire week when our scenery was more like this:

I know, it was pretty sweet.

So, it seems really dumb to pick the vacation when asked to write a post about something I would like a do-over on.  This idea, as a whole, was hard for me.  I feel like I can look at even some of the most cringe-worthy moments in my life (that I would love to re-do), and still see that those moments went into making my life what it is now.  So, it’s hard to want a do-over.

Back to the vacation…

I absolutely loved that this month long vacation gave the kids and I an opportunity to spend a lot of extra time with my parents (since we stayed with them on their vacation).  Plus, it was just an amazing chance to go do something different and fun.  I figured that taking a one month vacation would be one of those once in a lifetime things.

It was only as the vacation got closer and closer that I realized the one major downfall of the vacation.  We would be leaving Eric at home for half of the trip.  Not only did that mean he would miss almost two weeks of our beach side vacation, but he would be missing five of our seven days at Disney World.

While we planned for the vacation, it seemed like it would be a lot easier than it was to actually be away from him for that long.  (If it weren’t for FaceTime on our iPhones, the time would have been miserable.)  As the kids and I drove out of town and passed the road to turn to his work, I couldn’t help but cry.  I was wishing for a do-over right at that moment for sure!

Now, I will admit that I still don’t regret the choice to have done the trip the way we did.  I have decided that we’re not up for a big vacation without him again, but I will always treasure the opportunity that we had to spend a month away.  I love the thought that the kids will remember, even when they’re adults, that we once spent a whole month on vacation with Grandma and Papa.  And, even more special – they’ll remember that Grandma was on their very first trip to Disney World.

So, would I plan another long trip away without Eric?  No, I don’t think.  But, would I take a do-over on last December’s vacation?  Not a chance.

Is there something you’ve done that you wish you could have a do-over on?


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    We did a 18 hour trip in one day. (we had to pass 2 border posts before they close in the evening – in Africa). My children were 1 year and 5 year old. The first time they fell asleep was 1 hour before we got home. (17 hours with 2 awake children is no fun…..)

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    I can think of a vacation or two where I felt like I would like a do-over! We have left our son very rarely while traveling, but the times we do I also miss him a lot. So I can relate to what you are saying!

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    Oh this is so sweet and so true! You hit the feeling right on! A vacation is just not the same unless you are spending it together as a WHOLE family! I realized that when I took a long trip (with friends) away from my hubby years ago before we even had children. It was just not the same. I just wanted to go home!
    Thanks for sharing your experience! God Bless.