The Surprising Benefit of Joining a Co-op

In my area, there is a large homeschool group that also has a large co-op. We are not members of that, but rather have joined a smaller homeschooling group’s co-op. I could write quite a bit about our co-op, but today I wanted to take a moment to touch on two particular benefits of being in a co-op.

1. This one is a no brainer, but socialization, of course. Except, not just socialization for your kids. Sure, I love that my kids are having a chance to take classes from other moms, and then in turn are also getting to make new friends and meet lots of other children. But, I also love that I’m getting a chance to meet new friends from our homeschooling group or just getting to know other moms better that I already knew.

2. Not only do I get to meet other moms, and my kids get to meet other kids, but I get to meet the children of my fellow homeschooling moms. This means that I am able to meet the new friends my kids are making. It also means that, for instance, at a recent St. Valentine’s Day party, several of the kids came up to me that are in the class I teach, and I knew them. The same thing happened all around the room. It has made our group closer and stronger.

Being part of a co-op (especially when you’re teaching a class) can really add work to your already busy schedule, but you may just jump for joy when you see the benefits.

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  1. Wani says

    I’ve been trying to decide what to do with my 3.5yr old. Thanks for the pros/cons of doing coop!