The Skinny on Toolbars

If you’ve heard about toolbars but don’t quite know what one is or why you would need one, let me give you the skinny on toolbars.

Toolbars are a way to stay connected to what you are interested in. If you spend the majority of your computer time looking for photography equipment and techniques then you would benefit from a photography toolbar. They usually provide links and gadgets that serve a specific interest or hobby.

Since I spend the majority of my computer time researching homeschool curricula, finding craft ideas and free printables, reading homeschool blogs and staying connected with other homeschoolers through communities, I needed a a toolbar that provided these things.

That’s why I decided to create The Homeschool Gadget toolbar. I thought that being able to have instant one-click access to the best homeschooling sites and blogs would benefit many. And, it has, because currently we have 495 downloads!

While I was putting the toolbar together I knew immediately that I was going to need help. I called upon my wonderful gal pals that co-write for the Curriculum Choice and asked for favorite sites and blogs. The uniqueness of these women is that they all have differing homeschool philosophies and styles so I knew that I would get an outstanding variety of links.

The Homeschool Gadget Toolbar has many other features that make it unique:

  • email notifier – This feature is set up to compile all your email accounts and lets you know when “you’ve got mail”.
  • radio player – Groove to a mix of radio stations from acoustic praise through 80’s hits.
  • customized searches – These searches only search pre-approved homeschool sites that have the information that is being searched for, so that your search results don’t come back with 100’s of unusable links. You can search for curriculum reviews, free printables and unit study resources.
  • student gadget – This allows instant access to dictionary, thesaurus, Bible search, picture study (art prints), nature study references, spelling and math drills, SAT practice and more.
  • 100’s of homeschooling sites
  • The very best blogs in alphabetical order
  • Facebook – You can access the facebook fan page or your facebook settings.
  • Community access – If you click on the chat button it takes you to a growing homeschool community, Our Lifestyle of Learning which has nearly 800 members to meet and stay connected to.

Once you download this spyware and virus free toolbar it will remain on the top of your computer screen wherever you go on the internet, providing access to all the aforementioned features. If you need to hide it or remove it, it is very easy to do so.

Years of research went into this toolbar because it was created by veteran homeschooler’s and their favorite resources. It’s truly a gem and I’ve only heard great reviews from everyone that uses it. Our toolbar has a high % of usage, which means that the moms that download it, use it over 80% of the time they are on the computer.

If you already have a toolbar on your computer that you use, we have a “To Go” version that adds our favorite blogs to your existing toolbar. Currently you can only access this version by downloading it from my blog,

To download the toolbar, visit

Written by Brenda, a classically eclectic mother of five. She blogs at Tie That Binds Us and is the founder of Our Lifestyle of Learning, an online homeschool community.


  1. Angie @ Many Little Blessings says

    I'm so glad that you took the time to write about this, Brenda! Thanks!

  2. The Ties that Bind Us says

    It really helped me to see in writing everything that is on the toolbar. It really has a lot! (and I just added about 25 new links yesterday)