The One Where I Tell You What I Really Did in December

That sounds all dark and mysterious, doesn’t it?  It’s like I’m going to tell you that we didn’t really go to Disney World.  Rest assured, we really did spend a week in December doing this…

What I couldn’t really share until now, however, is what we did for the rest of December.  (Not because I have become a secret agent, mind you.  But, I just don’t like to post about our travels until we’re safely back home.)

At the end of November, just days after having done a 12 hour round trip drive to see family for Thanksgiving, I packed up my van with six big totes, four backpacks, pillows, blankets, a variety of other items, myself, and my three kids.  We drove and drove and drove.  In fact, we had a 16 hour drive that spanned three days.

I must add, however, that the hardest part of the trip came about 15 minutes into it when we got to the intersection where we could normally turn to go to Eric’s place of work (which was exactly where he was at that moment), and we turned the other way instead.  As we got close to that intersection, I started crying.  It was hard to imagine that we wouldn’t see him again for three weeks.  And, even worse – the knowledge that we were leaving him alone, something he was sad about.

Mere hours after we left, we got a text message from Eric with pictures of snow that had waited just long enough for us to be gone.  By December first, snow was definitely not what we were seeing.  This is what the kids and I spent all of December seeing…

Crazy, huh?  I felt almost embarrassed as I would tell friends that we were going to be spending December in Florida.  Some would say things like, “Oh, you’re taking a trip to Florida during December?”  Um, no — we’re spending the entire month there.

Before you think we’re all flush with cash, we paid the difference in the price of my parents’ condo so that they got a larger one and we stayed with them.  It was really nice.

Then, it was when we were already in Florida that we drove to do our week in Disney World.  Florida is crazy big though, and we still had to drive seven hours to get to Disney!  Whew!

After five days at Disney World, we anxiously hung out at Downtown Disney while a taxi was whisking Eric from the airport to meet us.  I would love to say that we threw our arms around each other after more time apart than we’ve ever had in the entire 20 years we’ve known each other.  But, we didn’t.  It was actually a little strained.  As you can well imagine, this even intensified some less than loving feelings.  It was actually kind of bizarre and not at all what either of us expected.

I am happy to share, however, that after some good sleep (for both of us) and getting used to be together again (which sounds so weird, since we’ve been together forever), things were totally back to normally about a day later.

We were then pleased to take Eric back to the condo with us and he was able to enjoy the last half of December with us.  In fact, today (the 3rd) was his first day back to work!

This December was such an amazing experience!  We have all agreed that three weeks apart is just too long (if we have any control over it), but I wouldn’t go back and change having taken the trip.  I think it was a great time, and a really unique experience for each of us.

Oh, and I’m really glad to be able to tell you all about our time away now!  It was really crazy for me to have to be so guarded about what we were doing.  There were many times when I wanted to share something that I just couldn’t.  So, I’m also happy to be back into the world of the honest and open.


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    I don’t like to post about stuff while I’m gone either. It’s creepy!

    Bummer that you had to leave Eric behind for some of the trip. I’m glad he got to meet up with you finally and that you all had fun!

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    My husband left for Basic Dec 7th, so I feel you about the spousal separation. I think taking a month long vacation would be great. One of the best perks about homeschooling, for sure!