The Importance of Character Education In Your Homeschool

The following is a post from contributing writer Carlie.

For our family, because we homeschool from a faith based perspective, character training is the single most important agenda in our school each day. When we first started our homeschooling journey over 8 years ago, I learned very quickly that academics would take a backseat to “training our child in the way they should go.”

While we value giving our children an excellent education from a “traditional” perspective as well, character training takes precedence in our homeschooling journey. We have found that if our children’s character is worked on first, that the traditional part of education comes very easily.

The scripture that we use as a guideline for character training in our home is found in Galatians 5:22, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” This scripture, coupled with lots of prayer and intentional parenting, have given us a wonderful foundation over the past 11 years to build upon while raising our children.

Here are a few tried and true methods our family implements into our daily lives to make sure that we are giving our children the best character education we can:

  1. Every day starts off with a family meeting. In this meeting it is a time of sweet fellowship with one another. We take the time to read the Bible together, pray, and talk about what we want to accomplish. Every now and then a day has gone by where we “skipped” this daily meeting and believe me, there was a HUGE difference in the behavior of our children AND the outcome of our school day.
  2. Every single time we sit at the table to break bread (eat), we break open the Bread of Life (the Bible) together. There has been no greater habit that our family has formed outside of this. It was our conviction when we first married that if we would purpose to eat the REAL Bread of Life (the Bible) together with the food nourishing our bodies that true and healthy growth would occur in our marriage and life together. This has proved to be especially true in our marriage and child rearing.
  3. Bible studies with each child based on their age and gender. For instance, we have two boys ages 3 and 5. At some point during mid-morning each day, the boys and I will have a Bible study out of their book, Fun Devotions For Boys: Gotta Have God, that is written specifically for boys ages 2-5. When my husband is not deployed, he too, engages in a study with his boys in the evenings before bed and on the weekends as well. You can read a recent article I wrote during a reflection after a sweet devotion time with my daughter HERE. 
  4. Using a character training based curriculum to supplement our daily Christ-centered family habits. For our family, We Choose Virtues has proved to be a HUGE tool for training our two youngest boys. I can honestly testify to the fact that after we received our products, it changed the daily course of life not only in our family but in our homeschool as well. You can read my review of this fabulous line of Christian based training tools HERE.

It is our conviction that if we educate our children in the character of the Lord, they will be a blessing for generations to come. My husband and I are fulfilled in knowing that the seeds we are sowing are the incorruptible seeds rooted in the Word of God – and the fruit of our reward is the greatest reason for living – to serve God with our whole heart, mind, body, and spirit!

I want to encourage you to continue to fight the good fight of faith as you raise your children according to God’s ways. His Word is Truth and His promises are true and real for every believer. May this knowledge be the crux of your homeschool as you raise up arrows for the Lord.

When Carlie is not teaching her beautiful children, she can be found spilling the beans about family, faith, frugality, homeschooling, military life, cooking, living in Europe, and lots more at her blog: So You Call Yourself A Homeschooler?

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    Well said Carlie. This is one of the most important things that I try to instill in my boys as well. I keep looking at that Gotta Have God Devotion series but haven’t made up my mind yet.


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