Ten of My Favorite Homeschooling Sites

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

1. The Homeschool Classroom – Not only do I love all of the practical and doable projects, ideas, and encouragement that comes from the posts from this amazing group of writers, but I’m also blessed enough to be the owner of such a fabulous site.  (Trust me – I only say it because I know the fabulousness of it comes from the writers.)

2.  Weird, Unsocialized Homechoolers – I’m always inspired by the amazing ideas that Kris has.  She and I have been friends for quite a few years (although we finally got a chance to meet in person, which I loved.)  Kris is already working on homeschooling at the high school level, which is where we will be soon.  So, I like the look ahead.

3. Simple Homeschool – I’m a huge fan of all of the Simple Living sites (which are owned by Tsh of Simple Mom).  Jamie does an amazing job as the site’s managing editor, and the staff is also filled with amazing writers.  I always get inspired while reading there.

4. Homeschool Share – I haven’t used the printables on Homeschool Share as much in recent years, but it is such an amazing (and free!) notebooking and lapbooking resource!  I loved it so much in those first few years of homeschooling, especially when our boys were younger.

5. Jimmie’s Collage – I love Jimmie’s style of homeschooling, as well as the fact that her daughter (who goes by Sprite on the blog) is in a grade higher than my oldest.  Since so  many homeschooling blogs focus on the younger years, I always enjoy finding blogs that focus solely on older children.

6. DonnaYoung.org – I print out all of my scheduling pages, as well as a variety of other printables, from donnayoung.org.  Not only are they free, but they’re also very well made.  (Plus, I love that most of the printables have at least one version that you can type on.)

7. D’Nealian Style Handwriting Practice – I have been using this printables site a lot recently.  We have finished up all of Molly’s D’Nealian style handwriting books for printing, and I’m not quite ready for her to move onto the cursive writing yet.  So, I’ve been able to make my own D’Nealian handwriting sheets for her to use.

8. Amazon.com – Although not a homeschooling site, I have purchased so many homeschooling printed books, ebook, materials, and every other little homeschooling must have from Amazon.  So, it seemed silly not to add it onto the list.  I love that I can get many of our books at a more reasonable price than some of the chain bookstores in our town.

9. NotebookingPages.com – This is a newer site to me, but the pages are great.  Plus, in June, all memberships will get access to The Notebooking Publisher, a web-application for creating and completing custom notebooking pages on the computer.  (You can use the discount code discount10 to save $10 on your $20+ purchase at NotebookingPages.com)

10. Let’s Explore – Amy has so many amazing ideas!  I wish I would have been so creative while my kids were younger.  I also love that I can do many of the activities even with older children.

Not only is this my Top Ten {Tuesday} post but it’s also part of the 10 in 10 series through iHomeschool Network.


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    Oh your Homeschool Classroom is inspiration for me! And, of course, Donna Young… 10 is just not enough to list. Is it? Thank you!

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    Thanks for this list, Angie. I’m in the process of discerning what changes I should make in homeschooling my son for second grade next year, so I will definitely be checking out these websites. :)

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    Thank goodness I already subscribe to most of these already — otherwise my Google Reader would be out of control!

    Awesome list, and awesome link up!

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    Excellent list. Never heard of Lets Explore. Need to check that out for sure. Thanks for hosting this. Lots of fun and so many new sites to explore.