Tackle It Tuesday: It only took me 12 years to finish the scrapbook

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Eric and I were married 12 years ago, as of this June. Just a couple of days after our wedding, we left for a week long honeymoon in London, England.

Impressive, huh? If it had been up to our own saved up cash (especially after paying for a portion of the wedding costs ourselves and one of us having only a part time job and being in college), our honeymoon likely would have consisted of a drive through the Taco Bell Drive Thru on our way to a local hotel for an overnight. But, we were blessed that my grandparents paid for the honeymoon as a wedding gift to us.

So…12 years later, I have finally finished our honeymoon scrapbook album!

No, I hadn’t been working on it that long though. A few years ago (3-ish), I pulled all of the pictures out of the magnetic album they were in. I did about three layouts, and then left all of the pictures and other items (tickets for the London Underground, coins, brochures, our boarding passes, all of our receipts from the trip, etc.) in large ziploc bags. I had already broken them up in 2-gallon ziploc bags by theme. Then, last year, I finally looked at them again, and matched up the pictures in each Ziploc with papers. And, then they sat some more.

Finally, two weeks ago, I scrapbooked with my Mom, and I did about half of the layouts that were left to do. Then, on Sunday of this week, I did the other half while scrapbooking with my Mom.

What a sense of accomplishment! I can’t believe that this project that I thought would never be done is FINALLY done!!! And, I’m excited to have plans to pop over to Hobby Lobby to use a 40% off coupon that they have online this week (to print out) and pick up an album to actually feel that this project is totally complete.

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