Spring Time Crafts to Banish the Winter Blues

A few months ago we moved from Hawaii to the Midwest, and at the beginning of winter (I know call us crazy, you wouldn’t be the first!). While I do think the snow is very pretty, after over three months of looking at nothing but white, I find my eyes longing to see green and spring colors.

Since it may still be awhile before the snow starts to melt, we decided it was time to create spring inside our home, so for anyone out there who wants to bring the change of season on a little sooner, here are some fun craft ideas for the whole family to get in on!

An old favorite – paper flowers. Easy and fun to make and bring on lots of bright colors instantly! Start with several sheets of tissue paper layered on top of each other, fold them together accordion style, wrap a short piece of green pipe cleaner around the center and then using green tape, tape a stick or dowel onto the pipe cleaner to form a stem. Gently open up the sheets of tissue paper to create a beautiful flower.

Photo by Nurturing the tender years

Photo by Nurturing the tender years

What is a beautiful flower without a butterfly to flutter around it? Easy to make butterfly finger puppets: cut out an outline of a butterfly on a piece of cardboard, then punch or cut two holes for fingers on each of the bottom wings, and let your children decorate them as desired.

Photo by Nurturing the tender years

Make a wall deco flower garden using foam sheets (if you want a super easy, non-scissors activity, you can purchase pre-cut foam flowers and simply let the kids design the garden on the wall). To add decorative touches we used markers and glitter glue pens for a little sparkle.

Photo by Nurturing the tender years

We have also used pre-cut cardboard flowers from the craft store to decorate and put along the floor trim.

Photo by Nurturing the tender years

And last, but not least, add a little Hawaii into your lives with some easy and fun to make pipe cleaner leis. For step by step instructions on how to make these leis, take a look here.

Kami’s musings on homeschooling, crafting, and getting used to life in the cold can be found at her blog Nurturing the tender years.

Angie Kauffman
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    Oh I love these ideas! I am so not craftsy….but I can click on a link and a picture, buy the supplies…and then make my children so happy! I am going to plan for the tissue paper flowers, the foam garden scenes, and the pipe cleaner leis.

    Thanks! My children thank you too!

  2. says

    I LOVE the flower garden. I’m totally doing this with my 4 yr old this week. We’ve been brainstorming ideas of how to bring spring into our home until it finally comes outside.