Signing off for the Easter Triduum

I will admit, I will probably still find time to squeeze in some work over the next few days, but I’ll be away from the blog for the remainder of the Easter Triduum, as well as Easter.  So, there will be no 7 Quick Takes or Many Little Links this week.

I’m going to try to find extra time for prayer and reflection.  (I’ll also be remembering, with a special joy, the Easter Vigil five years ago when Eric, the kids, and I all became Catholic.)

And, finally, I’ll try to put on a happy face while cleaning the house and preparing a meal, thanking God that it’s all because I have been blessed with an amazing family and that it is a privilege to be able to invite them into our home for the most holy day of the year.

Love Nailed to a Cross art print

(P.S. Am I the only one who loves to say words like Triduum, Kyrie Eleison, and the like?  One of my very personal favorites, however, is saying Theotokos, even though I have never had opportunity to say it to anyone other than myself.)