Sharing Our Lives with You { Joie de Vivre no. 1 }

joy balloon - joie de vivreLife seems to move so quickly.  It’s easy for me, just like I’m sure it is for others, to get caught up in looking toward the future while rushing through the present.

“Everything will be great when these bills are all paid off.”

“We’ll really be able to enjoy ourselves when things slow down after the holidays.”

“I’ll be happy when I have that new (insert the name of the newest gadget) that I’ve been reading all the reviews about.”

What about…

“Everything is great right now because I had enough money to pay what really needed to be paid right now.”

“We’re enjoying ourselves right now because our lives are crazy busy with family holiday gatherings.”

“I’ll be happy right now because my favorite old shoes are so comfortable.”

This is not meant to be preachy.  I’m not telling you anything that you and I don’t already know.  But, it can be hard to remember to really embrace those joys when they come.  It’s easy to miss the little blessings in life because we’re so busy or distracted.  It’s easy to struggle with contentment.  (And I’ve spent more than my fair share of time admitting to my shortfalls with that in the confessional, I can promise you.)

So, this year, I wanted to challenge myself to write once a week or every other week (while giving myself grace to miss from time to time) about the little joys and blessings in life.  The moments of contentment.  The joy of living.  Joie de vivre.


Now, normally, I will probably write more in my joie de vivre each week, though it might sometimes be very short.  Sometimes, it might even be a picture instead.  Who knows.  I guess we’ll find out together.  (And if you want to join in with me while I recognize and name these joys and blessings, feel free.  Leave me a link in the comments, and I’ll do my very best to go visit.)

But today, while I share my plans for recording these joys and blessings this year, my first is that I can share our lives with all of you who come to Many Little Blessings.  What an amazing joy it is!

Oh, sure, I won’t lie.  Blogging can be maddening and annoying sometimes.  But, when I look at the numbers of page views in a month or subscribers, I can’t help but feel blessed (even if the blogger in me can’t help but always want more).  But, when I really stop and think about it, it’s humbling and amazing.  Thank you.