Semi-Homemade Valentine Cards

My children love to send Valentine’s cards to their friends and our family.

I am convinced that the manufacturers/creators of boxed Valentines do not have small children. The spaces they provide kids to write the “to’s” and “from’s” are TINY. Thus, a few years ago I tweaked the boxed cards to make our own semi homemade Valentine’s Day cards!

We start working on our Valentine cards the 1st day of February. Sometimes my kids will do all their Valentines in one day. Other years, I have found that they do 2 – 3 and get tired of the tedious task of name writing and quit. I have learned that by starting a few weeks early that it puts us in the Valentine spirit, and allows us time to move at our own pace.

Here is how we make our own semi-homemade Valentine cards:

First, I cut a piece of construction paper into fourths – We use a variety of Valentine colors (and a few sheets of blue for the boys  is insisted on by my 6 year old). I write “To” and “From” and leave nice large spaces for the children  to write.

Then, we gather up all the assorted leftover Valentine cards from years past – and sometimes a new box too! Some years we have used heart shapes and stickers to create our own designs. But, who can resist a good Superman catchy card?

Then, I give the kids a list of their friends names. I put the boys list on one piece of paper and the girls list on another. This really helps my youngest as he is very specific about which Valentine cards are okay for the boys, and which ones are okay for the girls. They then write their friends names in the “to” and “from” spaces on the construction paper pieces I have made for them.

Last, they choose the perfect Valentine for each friend, and with their  handy glue stick, they glue it to the other side.

Voila – large, semi home made Valentines!

When Michele’s not supervising her kids with glue sticks (who are still wearing their Christmas pjs in February!), she can be found blogging about her journey into preparing her children for the real world just in case they don’t become famous rock stars at

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Angie Kauffman
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  1. says

    We do something similar…but we have a Valentine’s Party and invite friends over to make Valentines with us. I love the idea of having the To and From already printed on the paper. I plan to do that this year before the party. Thanks for the great idea!

  2. Riceball Mommy says

    I wish we would have though of this. We got a ton of Valentine’s cards from AC Moore, and my daughter has been writing her name inside then decorating them, with markers and glitter. I think we’ll try your idea though for next year, she really does love the characters.