Revisiting My Dream Homeschool

Last week, I was very honest and shared my confusion and heartache over our homeschooling not looking like I always imagined it would. I was then the receiver of so much encouragement, advice, and “I’m right there with you” comments.  It was really an amazing experience.  I was so encouraged, in fact, that I rescheduled all of the posts for this week and with each author’s permission, I posted the comments from five commenters.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed, been inspired, and/or been challenged by what they had to say.

It would seem like the week was not complete if I didn’t share again.  I really took those words to heart, and I set out to see what was broken — was it my dream or our homeschool.

First, I prayed on it.  I also did some soul searching. Did our homeschool not look like my ideal because of something I could control?  Did I actually need it to look like I thought it should?

Already with doing those things (and with some of the comments I received), I came to some pretty important conclusions:

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