Religious Jewelry that Makes a Statement

I have to admit that as an Etsy seller, I kind of stink when it comes to packaging.  I’ve received packages when I’ve ordered on Etsy that are wrapped like gifts, for goodness sakes.  Some sellers go all out.  And, recently, I got to be treated to another seller with beautiful packaging.

When I received my package that I was waiting for from Graceful Leigh, in order to review for the blog, I thought I would just pop open the package and get to my bracelet.  Instead, I was treated to a gift box and holy card first.  “Nice,” I thought, as I kept opening the package.

Then, before I could get to the bracelet, I saw that it was wrapped in a lovely vintage hankie.  Seriously.  So much sweetness before I even got to the bracelet.

Inside the hankie from Graceful Leigh was a lovely charm bracelet made of vintage religious medals and lovely blue, green, and orange hanging beads.  While this is definitely not a bracelet for someone looking for a dainty, understated piece, that’s not its purpose.  This bracelet makes a statement.  From the jingling of the charms to the eye catching design to the religious medals – it is noticeable and an outward sign of faith.

As someone who loves items that are repurposed, this bracelet was so much fun.  I smile to imagine where the pieces have been before and who might have had them.  Did they adorn someone’s neck on a necklace?  Did someone hold them while in prayer?  Who knows.  But, I do know that I think it’s pretty darn cool.

The only issue that I ran into with the bracelet was that the clasp was a design that I was not familiar with.  I had difficulty putting it on by myself, though I did finally manage to do it after I practiced putting the bracelet together a couple of times not on my wrist.  On the up side, it’s definitely not a closure that will cause me to lose the bracelet at some point.

Now, sadly, you can’t go buy this bracelet, because I have it.  That’s the only downside to jewelry made with vintage items – each one is one of a kind.  Well, okay, that’s not really a downside, per se.  It just means you can’t get my bracelet.

You can, however, check out some of these other amazing pieces (great for you or to purchase as a gift) that are currently available in the Graceful Leigh shop on Etsy.

You can also follow Leigh on her blog Bead Original: Graceful Leigh’s Blog.  She can also be found on Facebook and Pinterest.

What are your favorite types of jewelry to wear?

I received this bracelet free to review and was able to keep it.  I was also compensated for my time in writing the review.  All opinions are my own.  I really do think this bracelet is all kinds of nifty.


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    I love all of Leighs creations and I love this review!! I also sell on Etsy and wrap everything like a gift. I mean even if the person orders just for them self it is a gift so why not treat all orders that way!! I am so happy you wrote this wonderful review for a wonderful person!! She is on our Etsy team Mary’s Graces – you are welcome to join too if you like!!