Pink Sherbet Business or Mom Calling Card Free Download

Pink Sherbet Business or Mom Calling Card Template


Don’t you hate it when you meet someone and want to exchange information only to have to do things like rummaging through your purse and coming up with a crayon and the back of a receipt for gas?  Or, of course, that could just be me.

To save you from that, I designed a calling card (or it can be used as a business card, of course).  I actually designed more than one, but this “Pink Sherbet” design is the first one that I’m putting up right now.

If you’re going to use this design, here are some important tips or information:

1.  This card should be the correct dimensions for many printing companies, including Vistaprint.  However, please check the actual dimensions that are approved for your particular printer to be sure that you are within their guidelines for printing.

2. The sample here is shown cropped on the safe line.  In order to have the download as a jpg (making it easier for the largest percentage of people to work with), I couldn’t keep the safe line on the document.  Please make sure to leave 0.137 inches on each side free of words or anything you want to have on the cards.  (Some printers may have a different safe area, so please check with them.  This is the right cropping for Vistaprint.)

3. The download is a jpg file and has no words on it, just the design.

4. The card file is in CMYK Color mode and at 300 dpi resolution.  This is what it needs to be for printing.  So, don’t change it to RGB Color mode or downsize it, or it won’t look quite right when printed.

5. The actual file doesn’t have on the front.

6. This card is for your personal use only!  You are welcome to use it as a business card or as a calling card.  The personal use is just to say that you cannot: (a) Offer this as a download on your own site (even if you clearly say that it is not your design), (b) Sell  (or give away) this design or otherwise present it as your own design in any way.  These both break copyright law and make me sad all at the same time.

 Click to Download the Pink Sherbet Card Design (Perfect for Business or Calling Cards)