Number Writing and Matching Game for Preschoolers

Number Writing and Matching Game for Preschoolers | The Homeschool Classroom

My son, just shy of 5 years, loves to play games. He’s my creative child, usually making up his own rules as we go. But playing, by far, is his “learn language.”

He will sit and do school work for the most part, but I know when I’ve hit the jackpot when he asks to do something over and over again. That’s how it was with this number writing and matching game we recently created and played together. It’s SUPER simple and super fun, yet packs a punch as far as learning objectives.

Materials for Number Writing and Matching Game for Preschoolers | The Homeschool Classroom


  • 20 Cards– I cut up construction paper, but index cards or card stock could also be used. You want to use paper that is sturdy enough so it can’t be seen through.
  • Stickers– Small stickers, like the ones used for those motivational charts, work best. I like to use seasonal stickers, like the apple stickers you see in our pictures. If your child likes to draw, he could draw the appropriate number of objects on each card instead of using stickers.
  • Crayon(s)– Any color will do. It’s best to avoid markers, as they can bleed through the paper.

Placing Stickers on Number Cards | The Homeschool Classroom

Prepare the Number Cards

  • On one card, ask your child to stick one sticker. On the next card, have your child write the numeral 1.
  • Continue doing this with numbers 2-10, until you have 10 cards with stickers on them {for numbers 1-10} and 10 cards with numerals on them {for numbers 1-10}, making it 20 cards in all.
  • Once the game has been prepped, it’s time to play a number matching game!

Counting the Stickers to See if It Matches | The Homeschool Classroom

Play a Number Matching Game

  • Shuffle your cards.
  • Lay them all out face down on your work surface.
  • Play Memory Match with the homemade cards, matching numeral cards with number of object cards.
  • The person with the most matches, wins.

I love this kind of activity because…

  1. It’s fun. Most kids like to play with stickers and play games.
  2. It integrates many learning objectives into one lesson like fine motor, writing numerals, one-to-one correspondence, conservation of numbers, and recognition of numbers.
  3. It doesn’t take much prep work {the real bonus for a busy mom like me} because the child preps the game.

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    I think I’m in love with this game. It’s a great way to associate the numbers with items for them to count. I’m going to add this to my list of games. Thanks for sharing!