My Kids’ Video Game Recommendations for 2013

One thing that we’ve been doing every year for the last several years is to take an opportunity one Tuesday (for List it Tuesday, formerly Top Ten Tuesday) in the late fall to share some of the video games that my kids recommend.  Not only do I enjoy that they are giving me help on a post, but they really look forward to sharing.  In fact, when I asked them for help with this post, Jack said, “Yes!” and then went on to say how much he loves this post each year.

video game recommendations 2013

This year, because the weekly link up is List it Tuesday, instead of Top Ten Tuesday, I’m not breaking up posts between games for the Wii and games for the 3DS.  I’m also not asking them to help me pad the list with more options just so I can get to ten.  This is their list just as they would most want it to be this time around.

If you’re not a regular reader, here is some information about my kids.  Our boys are ages 14 and 12, and our daughter is nine.  I didn’t ask her feedback on this, as she doesn’t play video games as much as they do.  They added an item or two that she loves though.  We generally try to make sure that our kids are playing video games that we consider to be appropriate for them.  So, most of the suggestions are suitable for many players much younger than them.  However, please check the age ratings on each game before buying as there is at least one that is rated Teen and one rated Mature on the list.  (That addition is from Eric.  The kids don’t play those kinds of games.)


My Kids’ Video Game Recommendations for 2013 (primarily for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS)

Game Recommendations for the Wii U / Wii

To celebrate Eric’s college graduation in January, we got a Wii U for him, since he was finally going to have extra time and could actually play video games if he wanted.  While Eric was the reason for picking it up, this (obviously) became a gift for the whole family.  We have really enjoyed the Wii U.

1. Lego City Undercover – Noah declares this one to be “very comical”

2. Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed – Apparently much better than the older Sonic racing games, according to my boys.

mariokart 73. Nintendo Land

4. Need for Speed Most Wanted – Noah says, “This is good for people who like the thrill of fast cars.”

5. Super Mario Brothers U

6. Pikmin 3 – Noah says, “This is good for testing your strategies and skills.”

7. FIFA Soccer 13 – I believe that, as of this moment, this is the least expensive item on the list

8. Skylanders – They like all of the Skylander versions, but they are particularly excited about the new Skylanders Swap Force

If the adults in the house were adding their favorite Wii/Wii U games, Eric would add Call of Duty: Black Ops II and I’d add Just Dance 4.

Game Recommendations for the Nintendo 3DS

1. Pokemon X

2. Pokemon Y

3. Animal Crossing New Leaf – This is one that they added that their sister loves.  Although, I know that Jack (age 12) also enjoys it, even if he didn’t want to admit it.

4. Fire Emblem Awakening

5. Pokemon Rumble Blast

6. Mario Kart 7

Computer Game Recommendation

Though we normally just do recommendations for the Wii and Nintendo DS, the boys thought the list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning how much all three kids love Minecraft.  (That link is for the XBox 360 version.  We bought cards at the store to be able to buy a membership on the computer, since we don’t have that gaming system.)  Noah is also a huge fan of Civilization V.

What are some of your kids’ (or your) favorite video games, if they play?  Do they have any games on their wish list this year?

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    The boys are asking about Skylanders — I think they’re really too little. I’d love a list for preschool/early elementary aged :) You know, games they can maneuver without Mom’s help.