My Guess As to How Seamus Colored Our Cool Whip Without Opening It

Last week, Seamus the Leprechaun came to pay us a visit for St. Patrick’s DayI have had a few people who wanted me to theorize how in the world Seamus did his little trick with our Cool Whip.  So, here’s where I take my guess.

Well, first, in case you didn’t read about it, we got our totally sealed package of Cool Whip out of the refrigerator after being told by Seamus in a note that he left us a trick in our Cool Whip.  (Seamus is lucky we had Cool Whip, as I never buy it.)  We cut open the seal and opened it to find regular Cool Whip.  Just in case a trick was hiding, we got a spoon and stirred it around to see if anything was hidden inside.  Imagine our surprise when our Cool Whip started turning green!  How crazy!

So, while I totally think that Seamus is just a prankster, I do have a guess on how he might have been so tricky, just in case you ever wanted to see if you could reproduce what he did for another holiday or April Fools Day.  (For the record, I don’t like April Fools Day pranks, but this would be pretty harmless, so I’m all for it.)

My guess on this step by step process:

1.  We already had the Cool Whip in our refrigerator.  If we hadn’t, I’m sure Seamus would have had to have allowed it to thaw first.

2. I bet he might have turned over the sealed Cool Whip container and used a steak knife to cut a long slit along the bottom.

3. From there, I imagine he would have taken a gel food coloring and stuck the tip of the green right inside the slit on the bottom of the Cool Whip.  I suspect he just went a little crazy putting a bunch in.

4. He would have had to have fit the opening back together, and wiped off any mess that got out (being careful to throw away paper towel that got food coloring on it).

5. Then, maybe he used packing tape to seal it all up on the bottom very well.  He probably would have known that my kids wouldn’t have inspected the packaging.  But, if kids were apt to do that, I wonder if he might have put some white paper over the opening before sealing it up.

6. Just because Seamus cares about the chance of leaks in our refrigerator, I bet he would have finished up by casually setting the container on a plate in our refrigerator.  He may be a prankster, but I bet he would be nice enough to not want to take the chance of getting food coloring on my shelf.  (For the record, he wouldn’t have needed the plate, but better safe than sorry.)

This is all just my guesses, of course.  Maybe you have a better guess than I do, or you might want to try a different guess for just certain steps. 

Have fun!

Angie Kauffman
Angie, a domestically challenged nerd and mom of three very fun kids, is the founder of Real Life at Home.  Angie also listens to music every chance she gets, writes eBookspodcastsloves Pinterestdocuments the little moments in life on Instagram, and occasionally sleeps.


  1. Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans says

    Hmmm…Seamus is very clever! I'm glad he stuck to the harmless kind of pranks. 😉

  2. scrapper al says

    Such a clever leprechaun! I thought maybe he would have used a syringe to poke a hole in the bottom of the container and insert the food coloring. But I suppose most leprechauns don't have syringes sitting around, lol.

  3. Tim says

    Another way could be to freeze a few drops of coloring to the underside of the spoon itself. this way it appears you just get a spoon from the drawer and stir it. No need to comprise the container.