My 10 Favorite Posts From The Homeschool Classroom

I was doing some research at the Homeschool Classroom recently and I found all these inspiring posts that I had read and forgotten about or in some cases, missed completely. There were so many amazing posts that I thought I would make a list of my favorites and share them with you.

1.)  Homeschool Games

I love the idea of a homeschool games day. Every other Friday we have OT and teacher visits, so this leaves us with an alternating Friday that is hard to plan for, but a homeschool games day is perfect! I am so excited about this new idea.

2.) Start The New Year With A Weekly Art Session

I found this post about adding a weekly art session particularly inspiring because I have some kids that LOVE art and would do it everyday. I took the idea a bit further and decided to try a daily art session. And get this, we are even doing the art before we do our academic work. This also gives me a chance to be creative in my day as well, which I really need.

3.) Art In A Box, Conquering Art Phobia

This idea follows perfectly after the last one. It also happens to be one that I recently implemented for myself. Shortly before Christmas I gathered all of my art supplies together and put them into a Rubbermaid tub. Now I can grab my art bin and get right to work. I don’t have to search for paper, paints, brushes, or anything else that I might need. I have all my weird and random art things in one place. Until I read this post, I had not even considered this idea for the kids’ art supplies. I just happen to have easy access to crates and I plan on creating an art bucket full of their supplies as soon as possible.

4.) 15 Life Skills Essential For My Children

I loved this post about life skills. The writer has included an excellent list of life skills to be working on over the years. My children are still on the younger side, so I have time to work on all these things.

5.) Resources To Introduce Programming To Kids

I would consider us to be somewhat of a tech family and this post was full of amazing resources. I can’t wait to explore more of the resources on there to see which things are appropriate for use with my children.

6.) Scripture Memorization

It is important to us that our kids memorize scripture. I love this method for memorizing. I am still unsure how it would work with multiple people all learning verses at different rates?

7.) Keeping Your Kids In The Word By Memorizing Scripture

I love all the additional memorizing ideas in this post. We are already doing some of them, but new ideas are always good.

8.) Revisiting My Dream Homeschool

With this year already half over, this post gives me some things to think about when I am planning for next year. I think I need to have a chat session with the kids before I do any planning for next year, just to see what they really think of their school materials (not sure I am ready for that).

9.) 10 Ways To Make Your Homeschool Day Run Smoothly

I love the ideas listed here. They are very practical and straight forward and are sure to make my homeschool day run more smoothly (if I just do them!).

10.) From Combined Studies To Pursuit Of Personal Interests

I have always liked the idea of letting my kids pursue their own interests and this post gives me some things to think about. My oldest child is much like the writer’s daughter, exceeding the curriculum knowledge and needing to be able to pursue his own interests.

What are some of your favorite posts from the Homeschool Classroom? 

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