Memorization Tips by Learning Style

The following is a post from contributing writer Melissa.

atomic model pancake

Consistent with the Grammar Stage of the Trivium, much of our learning is through memorizing. Having three children each dominant in one of the three main learning styles, we’ve discovered the best way to help each one retain the given information.

Visual Learners
Visual learners need to see it. Flashcards and copy work are more likely to stick with them than chanting. For non-readers, picture cues and converting what they hear to drawings are great tools.

Auditory Learners
Our auditory learner seems to have the equivalent of a photographic memory for anything he hears. An mp3 player loaded with our memory work to song is really all he needs. Verbal review works fabulously with these guys.

Kinesthetic Learners
These guys are our movers and shakers…literally! It seems they have to be moving to learn anything. Choreographing simple hand and/or body motions to memory work is a simple way to make the information stick. They can also practice work while marching, jumping on a trampoline, or some other movement of choice.
Keep in mind that all types of learners benefit from methods outside of their dominant learning style. To some extent, we all have our memory songs stuck in our heads since we listen to them so much. It’s just that our auditory learner is much quicker to pick them up and enjoys that method the best.

Additionally, hands-on experiences that relate to the material are imperative. Not only do they incorporate all the styles at one time, they make the material come alive and fully engage your little learners. For example, when we were memorizing the parts of an atom, we made atomic models from pancakes. As I verbally explained the parts, creating the models satisfied our kinesthetic learner’s need to have his hands involved and our visual learner’s need to see it to understand it.

Melissa is a photography-dabbling, veggie-loving, housework-hating, triathlon-trying, homeschooling, grace-needing mom who blogs about her family’s adventures in adoption and classical homeschooling at The Cork Board.