Mary and Baby Jesus Coloring Page

This Mary and Baby Jesus coloring page would be perfect for many Marian feast days, including the upcoming Mary, Mother of God Solemnity (and Holy Day of Obligation), as well as for Christmas.  Of course, I have to admit that I think it’s cute enough to enjoy any time of the year.

While drawing is not my forte, it’s something that my husband, Eric, enjoys very much.  I was very pleased, then, when he agreed to help make some of the printables here at Catholic Printables Online.  Though it’s not the first one he made for the site, this is the first of his that I’ve put up on the site thus far.  So, if you like it, be sure to comment here or on the Facebook page, as Eric would really enjoy it.

Here is Eric’s sweet Mary and Baby Jesus Coloring Page:

Mary and Baby Jesus Coloring Page

Note: This download (link below) is free for personal, classroom, or church bulletin/newsletter use. However, you must make sure that the copyright line (with the site URL) still appears when copies are made. It cannot be sold, hosted, or published on other websites. If you want to pass along the printable though, please feel free to share a link to this post (not directly to the printable) with others. Thanks so much!

Also, please note that this is an original artwork created by my husband for usage on this (and my other sites) only.  Thank you!  If you want to share a link to this post on your site, however, you may use a small version in order to link to this post (but not to the printable directly).

Okay, now with that legal stuff out of the way, after Eric had done this coloring page freehand (because he’s handy like that), I got to have a go at coloring it in on the computer, just for fun.  Here’s what I did with it once I played with it in Photoshop (although her hair didn’t come out quite as brown as I intended for it to):

Mary and Baby Jesus Coloring Page Computer Colorization

Of course, our daughter is planning for a more traditional coloring with some Crayolas.  In fact, I think I just might have to do that as well.

Download the Mary and Baby Jesus Coloring Page Printable

In the near future, I’ll also be putting up a companion coloring page Eric made to this one with St. Joseph.

(If you are having clarity issues with the printable, please right click on the image and choose “Save Link As” and download the document to your computer. Then, open it from your computer, rather than through your web browser’s PDF plugin, which can sometimes cause some blurriness or other issues.  Another solution can be to download the printable in a different web browser than you usually use.)

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