Many Little Links: September 25, 2011

What to Wear When You Travel – Simple Mom
What a fabulous tutorial from Tsh about what she packs for trips of over a week.  I loved it!

6 Ways to Recycle Your Old Content – Blogging with Amy
Loved these ideas that Amy shares for how to drive traffic to older posts on your blog.  Having blogged for almost five years now, I know there are old gems that nobody sees anymore.

5 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Blog – Savvy Blogging
A great overview of things like domain, hosting, how to find a great name (and be sure you’re not stealing somebody’s name), writing your own content (and copyright infringement), etc.  Must read for newbies.

A Perplexing Conundrum – Joy’s Hope
What a fabulous idea for a Pinterest party (it’s mentioned farther into the post).  Speaking of Pinterest, are you following me there?

Inexpensive Homemade Party Favors – The Happy Housewife
Oh my heck — how cute!  I do tend to throw all of my toilet paper rolls into the composter, but this could be a reason to hold out a few!

Weekly Checklist – Early Bird Homeschool
Amy’s checklist for their homeschool is just great!  With some modifying, it might be a really fun addition to our homeschool.  (Except, I probably shouldn’t fix what’s not broken, but I still like this.)


  1. says

    Thanks for the link to “what to pack.” Too bad I didn’t follow those instructions for this last vacation since I waaaay overpacked. On the other hand, I don’t wear tank tops, even though they are cute, and I’ll need to invest in some short-sleeved cardigans.

    • Angie says

      I now own tank tops for about the first time ever. I just got them for wearing under cardigans, and have been pretty happy with them. :)

      Sorry you overpacked! 😉 I do that too!