Many Little Links: September 16, 2012

many little links


Being the Homeschool Oddball – Jimmie’s Collage
I had to nod over and over when I was reading the list that Jimmie shared here.  I didn’t realize I did so many similar things to her, and I have definitely found myself with friends who can’t believe we’re not keeping track of grades and the like.

Happy Childhood Memories – Art for Kids
This post made my heart feel full.  A great list of things to do with your kids to help them form happy memories of their childhood.

On Obesity and Overcoming: A Homeschooling Mom’s Story – Simple Homeschool
An awesome post by my dear friend Kris about her weight loss journey and tips for other people starting it.

35 Things I’ve Learned in my 35 Years – Simple Mom
Fabulous list!  Great reminders.

How to Start a Blog or Website: Cheat Sheet – Blogging with Amy
Amazing resource, just like about everything else that Amy writes on her blog.  (If you’re a blogger or want to blog and don’t currently read her blog, go do it now.)

Pumpkin Blondies – Inspired by Charm
It’s getting to be that pumpkiny time of year, and these look delicious.

How Can You Generate $2,000/Month? – Savvy Blogging
Really fabulous guest post by Dan of Letters from Dan offering up concrete numbers and examples. 

Angie Kauffman
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