Many Little Links: October 30, 2011

14 Steps to Cut Out Processed Food and 10 Reasons to Cut Out Processed Food – 100 Days of Real Food
I have found that I seriously lack in the willpower department.  But, I would love to do this.

Pumpkin Quinoa Breakfast – Make and Takes
I have never had quinoa, but this looks good.  I love pumpkin.

Afternoon in Paris Party – Let’s Explore
This just looks like so much fun!  I’m going to have to remember some of these ideas for Molly’s cooking around the world class at our co-op.  Each child has a country to do a project on, and she picked France.

Do You Have a Life List? – Simple Mom
Reading this made me think that I need to write up my own life list.  What would be on your life list?

Self Imposed Limitations – Nesting Place
Short, to the point, and a powerful reminder.

The Shopping Guide: Comfortably Dressy Style – Small Notebook
This is such a fabulous post about buying clothes.  I also just love the graphic about deciding whether to buy a shirt.  Go check it out!

Follow Their Lead – Let’s Explore
Fabulous post to read for any parent, but especially homeschoolers who may have a tendency to try to make every opportunity educational.  (Especially when “educational” means parent led.)

Five Things Homeschooling Has Taught Me – The Homeschool Classroom
Love this list from Jen!  I really resonated with me.

Sarah’s Biggest Homeschooling Mistake: Not Traveling More – Simple Homeschool
I really need to take more advantage of our ability to travel as homeschoolers.  Then again, it would sure help when that money tree finally matures.  Thanks to Sarah for the thought provoking post!

What Choosing Peace Does NOT Mean – Steady Mom
There is definitely a difference between lazy/neglectful and choosing peace.

Angie Kauffman
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    The clothing post (Small Notebook) really struck a cord with me. I’ve been pairing down and getting rid of clothes that I don’t like and don’t wear. This also reminds me of a Catholic blogger who will pull together outfits for you (for a fee). I was thinking I wanted it for a Christmas present and can’t remember the name. Could you remind me? :) Thanks!