Many Little Links: October 16, 2011

Real Food Tips: 8 Meal Planning Pointers – 100 Days of Real Food
I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been struggling with menu planning lately, so I really enjoyed this post.

What Bloggers Can Learn from Steve Jobs – momcomm
Even if you just read the subheadings, you’ll still get something great from this post.

Lunch Box Idea List – Wendolonia
Don’t pack lunches?  No problem – there are still lots of great lunch ideas!

The One Big Mistake Bloggers Make – DIY Themes
It’s easy to get busy and overlook this!

Vegan Asian Sesame Noodles – The VeganAsana
These are one of my favorite ways to have pasta/noodles.  Delicious!

Are You Really Productive as a Night Owl? – Savvy Blogging
I have found myself thinking about this a lot lately.  In fact, not only have I thought about it, but I’ve become more and more sure that I’m not really productive at all at night.

Keeping a Clean House While Homeschooling – Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers
I have been working on my daily schedule lately, so this post really resonated with me.

Amida’s Biggest Homeschool Mistake: Saving Projects for a Rainy Day – Simple Homeschool
I’m guilty of this.  Very, very guilty.

How to Make a Mini Marshmallow Shooter Gun from PVC Pipe – Oh Amanda
Love it!  My kids would love it too.  Maybe Eric will make some.

Art Haiku – Jimmie’s Collage
I love how Jimmie combined so many subjects into just one lesson!

Tips for Getting Your Workout Schedule Back on Track – Eclipsed
Great tips for finding time for working out.

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