Many Little Links: The Middle of the Night Crying Edition

If you’re a parent, you know how it usually goes down. You’ve either had an exhausting day and are finally settling in to a sound sleep or you are staying up late desperately trying to get something done.

Then, in an instant, your plans for the night change because a child is crying.

As usual, I am up late. This time, it is baking cookies for a retreat. Poor Molly woke up screaming about leg pain. (This is not the first time she has complained about the same thing — almost always in the evening or at night.)

She is back to bed now, but only after a very traumatic event of trying to drink some Tylenol.

My cookies are finally almost done (and I only almost burnt one pan in all the craziness that happened), and I’ll close out with sharing some links that I have enjoyed lately.

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