Many Little Links: March 12, 2012

100 Ways to Celebrate Spring – We are THAT Family
A fun list of from simple to more involved activities.

Birdseed Granola Bars – Raising Arrows
I laughed when Amy said that these were named this because it may make your husband ask if you’re feeding him birdseed.  The recipe looks tasty too!

DIY Large Work Table – The Ivy Cottage Blog
Wow!  This table is simply amazing.  If we have a big house one day, I would love it in my craft room.  (Did you hear that, Eric?)  As a matter of fact, with a bit of reconfiguring, it might make an amazing table for homeschooling too.

30 Things – Hopes and Dreams
I really love this list of 30 questions for date night. 

7 Habits of Highly Organized People – Operation Organization
I dream of being a highly organized person all the time.  I really think I would love it.  It has yet to happen, however.

Avocado Mayo Spread – Apron of Grace
This look delicious!  I love avocados.