Many Little Links: February 27, 2012

The Ultimate List of Pinterest Tips – Blogging with Amy
You all know how much I love me some Pinterest.  If you’re not familiar with Pinterest, and especially if you’re a blogger who is not on Pinterest, go check out this post!

How Pinterest Can Ruin Your Homeschool – Jimmie’s Collage
I guess it’s not all unicorns and rainbows though, huh?  This was a really great post about some of the dangers of finding too many great ideas.

Top Ten {Tuesday} – Oh Amanda
I know that you may have already read this last week, and I already shared that I will be hosting Top Ten {Tuesday} here, but if you haven’t read Amanda’s post from last week, go check it out.  My dear friend Cheryl told me that her favorite part was when Amanda said that I was magic.  (I had somehow not read that when I read it the first time, so it cracked me up when I was made aware of it.)

Unrealistic Homeschool Moms – Raising Arrows
I’m so beyond guilty of all of this.  So, so guilty.

Reinforce Literary Elements with Original Board Games – The Homeschool Classroom
 I really love the things that Julianna writes, and this was no exception.  We’re currently reading Winnie the Pooh, so I think we may need to try this too.

Teaching Young Kids to Clean – Simple Homeschool
We’ve been working on trying to teach the kids more life skills and backing off on doing too much for them.  So, this was a good read.

Posts I Wrote that were Published Elsewhere This Past Week:

Preschool Activities with Colors and Shapes at The Happy Housewife
(Plus you can see when Molly was much younger!)

Fun Ways to Practice Spelling with Your Children at In a Nutshell

Guest Posts Wanted at The Homeschool Classroom