Many Little Links: February 13, 2012

12 Most Compelling Reasons to Homeschool Your Children – 12 Most
Written by a public school teacher, these are, indeed, some pretty darn good reasons to homeschool.

Fat Tuesday: How to Make an Authentic Polish Paczki – Catholic Mothers Online
I’m not sure that I’ll tackle these, but I loved Jen’s step by step tutorial.

How to Feed the Kids (and Still Have a Life) – Simple Homeschool
Lots of great ideas for easy meals and snacks to feed your kids.  It’s on a homeschooling site, but this is definitely not a homeschool-only type of post.  If you need meal ideas for kids, check it out no matter where they spend their days.

SEO: How I Write a Blog Post (Part 5) – Oh Amanda
Amanda has been writing a really wonderful series on all the steps she takes as she writes a blog post.  This was a great one all about SEO, which I know can be a concept that bloggers might struggle with from time to time.

Cherry Pie Filling – Tammy’s Recipes
A homemade recipe for cherry pie filling to skip out on the canned stuff that is filled with all kinds of things that you might not want.

The Best Homeschooling Resources Online – (written by Jamie from Simple Homeschool)
Wonderful set of resources!  I was also very touched that Jamie included The Homeschool Classroom as one of the recommended homeschooling blogs.  I have always aimed for The Homeschool Classroom to be full of very practical and useful advice, so it was nice to be included.

Parfaits with Your Sweeties – Bee in Our Bonnet
Yummy looking, and perfect for Valentine’s Day!  Fun treat to make with the kids.

6 Benefits of a Built-in Catch-up Day – Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers
I have long thought that it would be nice if we would have some catch-up time built into our weeks, but I have always skipped out on the idea, for fear that we would let those days go to waste.  I love Kris’ ideas that make these days seem very useful.

Angie Kauffman
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    Great links! We love using Fridays as catch up day or “game day.” My children are much more motivated to get their work done by Thursday if they get to do special activities on Friday.